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How to use:


Parameter Input
color Main background color.
bordercolor Border color.
headcolor Trainer information background color.
sprite Trainer sprite.
size Size of Trainer sprite, only if size reduction is required.
prize Prize for defeating the Trainer without an Amulet Coin.
class Trainer class.
classlink Article title for Trainer's Trainer class.
name Trainer's name.
game Abbreviation of the game(s) the battle takes place in.
location Where the battle takes place. Must directly link to the correct article.
locationname Where the battle takes place. Only needed if the location's article uses a disambiguating title.
pokemon Number of Pokémon in the Trainer's party.

  • All Pokémon entries must have a vertical pipe "|" before them.
    • For parties of one Pokémon, the Pokémon entry must begin with "| style="margin:auto" |" instead.
    • For parties of five Pokémon, the fourth and fifth Pokémon entries must begin with "| style="margin:auto" |" instead.
  • After the first three Pokémon (or two in the case of four Pokémon parties), use of {{Party/Div}} is required. It contains only one parameter; color, which should match the head template's color parameter in battles against a single Trainer.
  • After the final Pokémon, use of {{Party/Footer}} is required. It has no parameters.


|color={{kalos color}}
|bordercolor={{kalos color dark}}
|headcolor={{kalos color light}}
|classlink=Pokémon Champion
|location=Pokémon League (Kalos)
|locationname=Pokémon League
|move1=Swords Dance|move1type=Normal|move1cat=Status
|move2=Flying Press|move2type=Fighting|move2cat=Physical
|move4=Poison Jab|move4type=Poison|move4cat=Physical}}
|ability=Strong Jaw
|move1=Head Smash|move1type=Rock|move1cat=Physical
|move3=Dragon Claw|move3type=Dragon|move3cat=Physical
|move3=Light Screen|move3type=Psychic|move3cat=Status
{{Party/Div|color={{kalos color}}}}
|move2=Phantom Force|move2type=Ghost|move2cat=Physical
|move3=Seed Bomb|move3type=Grass|move3cat=Physical
|move4=Shadow Sneak|move4type=Ghost|move4cat=Physical}}
|ability=Sap Sipper
|move1=Dragon Pulse|move1type=Dragon|move1cat=Special
|move2=Muddy Water|move2type=Water|move2cat=Special
|move3=Fire Blast|move3type=Fire|move4cat=Special
|move4=Focus Blast|move4type=Fighting|move3cat=Special}}
|move3=Shadow Ball|move3type=Ghost|move3cat=Special


Some trainers, especially rivals, gym leaders, and other high-level trainers, have a certain number of items they can use. I would like to propose an addition of an item field to allow this information to be recorded as part of this template. It could display something just below the trainer portrait, along the lines of

Items on hand:
{{{item1}}} ×{{{item1quantity}}}
{{{item2}}} ×{{{item2quantity}}}

and so on. I don't think any trainer has very many items, so it would be practical to just use fields titled item1 through item5 or however many people feel is sufficient. --Felthry (F.K.A. Xolroc) (talk) 00:58, 20 January 2017 (UTC)

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