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Revision as of 00:33, 13 April 2015 by Admiral.Mercurial (talk | contribs) (The final Trainer in Round 4: new section)

Template fixing?

I put all the trainer teams on this page not long since, and have just noticed the "Pages not updated to the new party template" category at the bottom. Am I right in thinking that that means all the trainers here need to be updated to the same template used on, for example, Falkner's page? If that's the case, I'm happy to spend some time updating this entirely, along with Pyrite Colosseum and Phenac Stadium. Also, is it up to me to remove the "Pages not updated to the new party template" when this is done, or an admin? I seem to recall reading something about not removing categories (or something), but I can't find it in the MOS. --Raylax 19:55, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

Looks like you've got it all figured out right. If you're willing to do the updating, feel free! :) also: I'm pretty sure if you've upgraded the templates, you can ditch the category yourself. ZestyCactus 20:00, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

The final Trainer in Round 4

The final Trainer in Round 4 is listed as Roller Boy Ardine here, and I have actually been able to find some screenshots online in which Ardine appears. However, there are also several walkthroughs scattered around the Internet that say the final opponent in Round 4 is Chaser Belik (yes, the same name and class as the second Trainer in Round 2). Moreover, I played the Under Colosseum a few years ago and can distinctly remember having been confused about the fact that the same Trainer had come up twice.

Is it possible that there was an early edition of Colosseum in which Belik appeared twice, and then all subsequent copies of the game fixed this error? Has a Pokémon game ever been edited to fix bugs and then re-released before? Admiral.Mercurial (talk) 00:33, 13 April 2015 (UTC)

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