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Spenser's Venusaur
ウコンのフシギバナ Ukon's Fushigibana
Poké Ball
Spenser Venusaur.png
Spenser's Venusaur
Debuts in Cutting the Ties that Bind
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Battle Palace
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Venusaur Kenta Miyake Craig Blair

Spenser's Venusaur (Japanese: ウコンのフシギバナ Ukon's Fushigibana), is one of four Pokémon owned by Palace Maven Spenser.



Venusaur and Spenser

Venusaur debuted in Cutting the Ties that Bind, where it was first seen near a campfire next to Spenser, who was making medicine for Pikachu who was lost at the time. The next day, Spenser and Venusaur accompany May, Max, Brock, and Scott on their search for Ash. They find him and Sceptile being attacked by many Beedrill, and Venusaur helped them by using Sweet Scent to calm them down.

In Ka Boom with a View!, Venusaur was used as the second Pokémon in the battle at the Battle Palace, after Shiftry. Ash used Heracross for the battle. It was able to put up a good fight, but was eventually defeated by Venusaur's powerful Solar Beam. Ash then sent out Swellow, who utilized its speed and agility to its full advantage. It was able to defeat Venusaur after a hard fought battle.

Personality and characteristics

Venusaur was seen being friendly towards the Pokémon as seen in its debut appearance when it went out of its way to make medicine for Pikachu when he was found by Spenser after the current gave Pikachu problems. Venusaur also stopped the Beedrill with Sweet Scent when they were chasing Ash and Sceptile.

Moves used

Spenser Venusaur Razor Leaf.png
Using Razor Leaf
Move First Used In
Sweet Scent Cutting the Ties that Bind
Vine Whip  Ka Boom with a View!
Razor Leaf  Ka Boom with a View!
Tackle  Ka Boom with a View!
Solar Beam  Ka Boom with a View!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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