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Plot: Completely forgot this...
[[File:SM131 Kiawe VS Acerola.png|thumb|250px|Kiawe facing Acerola]]
Next, {{an|Kiawe}} and [[Acerola]] call out their Pokémon, {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} and {{p|Gengar|Rapooh}}, respectively. Acerola orders Rapooh to use {{m|Shadow Ball}}, though the attack is destroyed by Marowak's {{m|Bonemerang}}. Rapooh then uses {{m|Shadow Punch}}, but Marowak manages to block it with {{m|Shadow Bone}}. Rapooh retaliates with another Shadow Punch, which strikes Marowak, who is then immobilized by Rapooh's {{a|Cursed Body}} [[Ability]]. Acerola orders Rapooh to use {{m|Thief}}, and it promptly steals Marowak's bone club, instantly limiting Marowak's move-set. Rapooh takes the opportunity to lash Marowak with a Shadow Ball-Shadow Punch combination. As Rapooh readies another Shadow Punch, Marowak is freed from Cursed Body and slams into its opponent with {{m|Iron Head}}. The impact winds Rapooh, who then absorbs Marowak into its body. However, Marowak emerges from Rapooh's body with its bone club in hand. Acerola orders another Shadow Ball, but Marowak retaliates, batting the Shadow Ball back at Rapooh before striking it with Shadow Bone, defeating it and allowing Kiawe to advance to the next round.
[[File:SM131 Lillie VS Gladion.png|thumb|left|250px|Lillie facing Gladion]]
The announcer excitedly declares that next up is a sibling showdown between Gladion and Lillie. {{an|Lusamine}}, with pom poms in hand, and her staff cheer Lillie on, much to Lillie's embarrassment. Lillie has Snowy summon a {{m|Hail}}, instantly changing the battle conditions to suit Snowy's {{t|Ice}} typing. Gladion quickly orders {{TP|Gladion|Umbreon}} to attack with {{m|Dark Pulse}} though Snowy is uninjured as she hid amongst the growing frost. Gladion is mildly impressed by Snowy's {{a|Snow Cloak}} Ability, admitting that Lillie is growing as a {{pkmn|Trainer}}. He orders a Shadow Ball, which smashes through Snowy’s {{m|Aurora Veil}} defenses and strikes its target. As the Hail conditions fade, Lillie decides for a more drastic measure, her [[Z-Move]]. Lillie executes her Z-Pose perfectly and Snowy lashes Umbreon with {{m|Subzero Slammer}}. Umbreon, however, emerges fine and knocks Snowy out with a super effective {{m|Iron Tail}}. As Lillie comforts Snowy in her arms, Hapu announces that Gladion is the winner. Lusamine is particularly proud of her two children, admitting she wishes her husband [[Mohn]] could be there to watch.