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|title_en=Golly, Golem! |
|title_ja=VSゴローニャ |
|title_ro= VS. Golonya |
|image=PS037.png |
|chapter=Red, Green & Blue |
|volume=3 |
|number=37 |
|location=[[Viridian City]] |
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|next_round=Long Live the Nidoqueen?!? }}
'''Golly, Golem!''' (Japanese: '''VSゴローニャ''' ''VS. {{tt|Golonya|Golem}}'') is the thirty-seventh round of the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
'''Golly, Golem!''' (Japanese: '''VSゴローニャ''' ''VS {{tt|Golonya|Golem}}'') is the 37th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
As {{Adv|Red}} wonders how the [[Gym Leader]] of [[Viridian City]] knows his name, the mysterious man continues to speak of the boy's experiences. At the mention of [[Diglett's Cave]] and [[Silph Co.]], Red recalls his [[PS023|past]] [[PS033|experiences]], and in his disbelief the man not only reveals himself as a Gym Leader, but also the leader of [[Team Rocket]], {{adv|Giovanni}}.
Recognizing their first encounter to be a test to see his abilities, Red attempts to plan a strategy, but Giovanni cleanly sees through his doubts and drops all of his [[Poké Ball]]s, challenging Red to make the first move. Angered, Red sends out [[Poli]] to attack, but in the short amount of time that he does so, Giovanni successfully releases his {{p|Cloyster}} and {{status|freeze}}s Poli. Declaring the importance of a Trainer's own physical aptitude in addition to his Pokémon's, Giovanni compliments Red on his traits of determination, spontaneity, and empathy, lamenting that the boy was not under his allegiance. Issuing a challenge, Giovanni adds a bet to the battle; he would let Red go if he wins, but should Red lose, he would swear his loyalty to Giovanni and fight for him. Laying his own Poké Balls on the ground, Red accepts the challenge under the same conditions as Giovanni.
The battle begins with both Trainers lunging for their Poké Balls on the floor, Red successfully managingmanages to send out [[Snor]] first, but Giovanni uses Red's speed against him by having {{p|Nidoqueen}} {{m|Counter}} Snor's attack, before flinging the heavy Pokémon through the wall and out of the Gym. As Giovanni switches to {{p|Golem}}, Red decides to have the ricocheting Pokémon bounce its way out of the Gym so Snor can attack, but Giovanni makes use of Snor's {{m|Headbutt}} shattering Golem to pummel Snor with {{m|Rock Throw}}, and faint it with {{m|Explosion}}.
Cornering Red with his {{p|Beedrill}}, Giovanni reveals that Red's selection of Snorlax simply led him to use Golem's attacks that would be best used outside buildings, indicating that he had read through each and every one of Red's decisions. Asking Red to give up, Giovanni is surprised as Red releases [[Aero]] from behind himself.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|VS隆隆岩|VS Golem}}
|fi={{tt|Red vastaan Golem|Red versus Golem}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Grolem|Golem}}{{tt|*|Glénat translation}}<br>{{tt| L'enigme du Champion de Jadielle|The enigma of the Champion of Viridian}}{{tt|*|Kurokawa translation}}
|zh_cmnko={{tt|VS隆隆岩 딱구리|VS Golem}}
|es_eu={{tt|Contra Golem|VS Golem}}