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Meanwhile, Dawn rushes over and tries to stop Pachirisu, attempting to hold it down, but Pachirisu leaps up, causing Dawn to fall and lands on her head. Pachirisu leaps again, using its newly learned move: {{m|Super Fang}} on Gabite, but Gabite blocks with its fin. Brock explains Pachirisu must have just learned Super Fang from losing the Poffin, and Dawn grabs hold of Pachirisu, trying to calm it down. This only makes things worse as Pachirisu uses Discharge on her, causing her to fall to the ground again. The young lady comments that Pachirisu must not have been raised well, and Ash scans Gabite with the [[Pokédex]]. The young lady wonders what's wrong with Pachirisu, and Dawn tells her to look under Gabite's foot. She does, and is horrified that her Gabite has been soiled by the Poffin. Ash explains that the Poffin is Pachirisu's favorite {{pkmn|food}}, and it was aggravated by Gabite for stepping on it. The young lady says she can fix it and hands Pachirisu one of her own Poffins. Pachirisu sniffs it, and quickly refuses it, the young lady offended by Pachirisu's actions. At that moment, the young lady looks to {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} and asks if Dawn was in the [[Wallace Cup]]. Dawn explains she [[DP079|won]], and the young lady mockingly says she was sure it was an accident Dawn won, shocking the group. Dawn asks if the young lady was in the Wallace Cup to, and she replies yes, and gives her name: [[Ursula]], and explains she lost in the first round. At this point, Jessie remembers Ursula, explaining to [[James]] and {{MTR}} what Ursula just told Ash, Dawn and Brock. Ursula then comments on how Dawn's win at the Wallace Cup was a fluke, and also explains it pushed her to work a lot harder. She says to Ash, after he tells Ursula Dawn's skills won her the Wallace Cup, "You're right! Thanks to her I started working doubly hard, to become a better, more beautiful, more graceful {{pkmn|Coordinator}}. You know I should thank you for defeating me Dawn, because of you I am where I am today!" and lets out a sinister laugh. Ash and Brock are curious as to why Ursula won't let her loss go. She continues to patronize Dawn, until Dawn finally cuts her off, saying they'll settle it at the Contest. Ursula leaves, letting out a sinister laugh for the second time.
The episode then cuts to the Contest, and Mamoswine is asleep, completely uninterested in Dawn's Contest. Dawn is up for the [[Appeal|Appeals Round]] first, and sends out {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}. Buneary uses {{m|Ice Beam}} to create a winding slide, and as it slides down it, Buneary prepares a {{m|Dizzy Punch}} to send it from the bottom to the top of the slide once again. After several more Coordinators display their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, Jessie is up next, using her {{p|Yanmega}}. Yanmega spirals around Jessie using {{m|Silver Wind}}, causing her to spin into the air. Yanmega's {{a|Speed Boost}} Ability is activated during this. Yanmega fires off a {{m|SonicBoom}}, which boomerangs back towards Yanmega and Jessie. Yanmega then uses Silver Wind and the two attacks collide in a shower of shining particles, and Yanmega holds Jessie on itsher tail as their appeal ends. Ursula is up next, using her {{p|Wormadam}}. She commands {{m|Confusion}} and then {{m|Rock Blast}}, causing the rocks to spiral around Wormadam. Next up is {{m|Sandstorm}} and Wormadam uses Confusion to create a sculpture out of itselfherself from the sand, surprising Dawn, Ash, Brock and Jessie, who are watching. Wormadam then uses {{m|Captivate}} to destroy the sculpture. This ends Ursula's performance. Dawn talks with Ash and Brock on the sidelines. She even asks Mamoswine on its opinion, but it replies with snores.
Ash and Dawn discuss Ursula's appeal, and Ursula walks in, explaining that she had lost continually in the first round, but she was intending to win. She laughed at the idea of both her and Dawn reaching the final stage, and walked off with Gabite. The results appear, and Ursula, Jessie and Dawn are all in the final eight. Dawn compliments Buneary's performance, and asks Pachirisu if it's ready to go, and it is, nodding to her. In a few shots of [[Contest Battle]]s, Dawn defeats her first opponent, a {{p|Weavile}}, Jessie uses [[James's Carnivine]] to defeat a {{p|Hippopotas}}, and Ursula's Gabite defeats a {{p|Hariyama}}. Ursula battles with Jessie, her Gabite winning over Carnivine. James and Meowth mourn for Jessie's loss on the sidelines.
The final round begins, with Dawn facing Ursula. Mamoswine takes a tiny interest, but as Ash comments on this, it returns to sleeping. It's Gabite and Pachirisu facing off, the battle begins. Brock and Ash discuss that Dawn may only be able to attack with Pachirisu's Super Fang. Gabite leaps into the air, launching a {{m|Dragon Claw}}, and Pachirisu spins and dodges the attack. However, Gabite's speed means itshe manages to get a clean hit, and Pachirisu takes damage. Dawn commands Super Fang, while Ursula commands Gabite to use {{m|Aerial Ace}}, managing to get past Pachirisu's defense and get several clean hits. Ash and Brock are worried about the outcome, and Pikachu, Buneary and Piplup all cheer hard for Dawn and Pachirisu. In the mean time, Gabite lands with several Dragon Claws and Aerial Aces, and Ursula is confident her victory is assured. Dawn commands {{m|Sweet Kiss}}, but Ursula counters with Aerial Ace, and Pachirisu seems worn out. Ash and Brock discuss about the points, and Mamoswine begins to take interest, taking a peek at the battle through a half-opened eye. Two minutes remain, and Ursula commands {{m|Stone Edge}} and Pachirisu counters with Discharge, destroying the shards of rock. Ursula commands {{m|Dragon Rage}}, however Pachirisu counters with {{m|Spark}}, breaking the move. Gabite uses Dragon Claw, and Pachirisu once again counters with its tail, due to Discharge's energy being stored there. This causes Mamoswine to gain more interest, and it watches with both eyes now. Thirty seconds are left, and Gabite uses Stone Edge again. Pachirisu raises its tail, creating an electric shield that destroys the shards. Dawn commands Super Fang, and Ursula is quite angry at this point, commanding Dragon Rage. Pachirisu begins to spin similar to a {{m|Flame Wheel}}, using its Super Fang to cut through the Attack. It reaches Gabite and bites into ither, Gabite covering itselfherself with itsher fins just in time to avoid major damage. With that time is up, and Dawn wins the Contest. Dawn is ecstatic with her victory, but Ursula shrugs it off, saying "A perfect example of being saved by the bell." and stroking Gabite's head. Mamoswine is extremely interested, and Ash comments, causing Mamoswine to go back to sleep. Jessie says she wouldn't have missed the Contest for the world, apparently liking Ursula's use of stance before striking. Dawn is presented with her fourth [[Ribbon]]. As the trio prepare to leave, Ursula crosses their path, saying Dawn won't get any compliments out of her. With that, the trio prepare to head out to [[Snowpoint City]], and Ash's next [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}}.
==Major events==