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A marking tool was introduced in the [[Generation III]] games, with [[Lanette]]'s Pokémon Storage System. This tool helps the player to organize their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} within the Boxes, but is not necessary for game play. Each Pokémon can be marked with any combination of the different markings. Prior to {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|2}}, this could be done only while the player was operating the Pokémon Storage System. In Generation III, there were four markings: ●, ■, ▲, and ♥. In [[Generation IV]], two more markings were introduced and the existing ones were reordered, making the full list ●, ▲, ■, ♥, ★ and ♦, in that order (this order was kept in all later generations). The markings appear in the Pokémon Storage System and on the Pokémon's [[Menu#Pokémon|summary screen]]. A Pokémon will keep its marking settings if traded to another Trainer.
In [[Generation VI]], another polygonal symbol may also appear to the left of the markings: a blue ⬟. This symbol indicates Pokémon obtained in Generation VI (whether {{Breeding|bred}} or captured) and cannot be altered. If a Pokémon originated in an earlier generation, it will not have this symbol. When the rules of a tournament specify that only "[[Kalos]] Pokémon" may be used, the player is restricted to those Pokémon with a ⬟ mark.
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