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Cara Liss
ウカッツ Ukattsu
Cara Liss SwSh.png
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Galar
Generation VIII
Games Sword and Shield

Cara Liss (Japanese: ウカッツ Ukattsu) is a mysterious researcher in the Galar region.


In the games

Cara Liss has a revival machine that can bring Fossil Pokémon that are found in Galar back to life. She explains to the player that the fossils in Galar are always found in halves. However, whichever top or bottom halves of a fossil the player finds, regardless to how they properly match, Cara Liss still revives the fossils into artificial hybrids.

Pokémon created


  • Cara Liss and the hybrid Pokémon she creates from fossils may be based on early paleontologists who would combine mismatched bones to produce new "discoveries", such as in the Bone Wars.
  • Cara Liss's name is similar to the word, "careless", which emphasizes her personality and revival methods.
    • Cara Liss can be seen wearing two mismatched shoes and is covered in mud, further demonstrating her careless nature.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウカッツ Ukattsu From 迂闊 ukatsu (careless)
English Cara Liss From careless
German Petra Fakt From Latin petra (stone) and Fakt (fact)
French Alba Minçalor From Ah bah mince, alors! (Gosh!)
Italian Fossilia Di Strattis From fossili (fossils) and distratti (inattentive)
Spanish Carmen Babia From estar en Babia (being distracted)
Korean 모젤란 Mojellan From 모자란 mojaran (inadequate; half-witted)
Chinese (Mandarin) 茂詩 / 茂诗 Màoshī From 冒失 màoshī (rash, hasty)
Chinese (Cantonese) 茂詩 Mauhsī

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