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(Japanese: ハルヒ Haruhi) is a character of the day who appeared in JN079. She is the granddaughter of Himari and a descendant of Hisashi, the first lord of Eclipse Castle. Himari was the present day lord, until she decided to pass down the title to Haruhi. Haruhi is also a doppelgänger of Chloe.

Haruhi first appeared near a sundial alongside her Espeon and Umbreon when her Espeon sensed Chloe's Eevee was about to fall off a cliff. Once Espeon saved Eevee, Haruhi met Chloe and was surprised that they looked alike. After meeting up with Ash and Goh, Haruhi swapped clothes with Chloe and met up with Himari.

Haruhi went to become the lord of Eclipse Castle, only for the ceremony to be interrupted by Katsuki, who had unknowingly kidnapped Chloe instead of Haruhi. Haruhi battled Katsuki alongside Chloe and was able to defeat Katsuki.


This listing is of Haruhi's known Pokémon:

This article is missing information on this character's Japanese voice actor.
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Haruhi's Espeon (right) and Umbreon (left) as Eevee

Haruhi's Espeon and Umbreon
Eevee → Espeon and Umbreon
Espeon and Umbreon are Haruhi's only known Pokémon. Haruhi first had them as Eevee, where her female Eevee evolved into Espeon after she tripped and fell on top of her during the day. The following night, her male Eevee evolved into Umbreon battling a Crobat at night while protecting Haruhi and Espeon.

In the present, Espeon rescued Chloe's Eevee from falling off a cliff. Espeon and Umbreon were then used to battle Katsuki's Pokémon alongside Eevee and were able to take them down.

Espeon's known moves are Psychic, Wish, and Reflect. Espeon is confirmed female by gender differences as an Eevee.
Umbreon's known moves are Swift, Snarl, and Dark Pulse. Umbreon is confirmed male by gender differences as an Eevee.

Debut JN079


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハルヒ Haruhi From 春日 haruhi (spring sunlight​) and similar to コハル Koharu (Chloe)

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