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Sinnoh Now (Japanese: シンオウ・ナウ Sinnoh Now) is a television program broadcast by Jubilife TV. It bills itself as your portal to what's hip and happening in Sinnoh!

In the games

The player can sometimes watch Sinnoh Now on the televisions in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Sinnoh Now can also tell the player about what their friends have done if they mix records.

In the anime

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Sinnoh Now crew

Sinnoh Now in the anime is hosted by Rhonda, and is a news/variety program. Rhonda and the Sinnoh Now staff have appeared in The Champ Twins!, All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go, A Secret Sphere of Influence!, Top-Down Training!, Mass Hip-Po-Sis!, Our Cup Runneth Over!, Losing Its Lustrous, Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, Beating the Bustle and Hustle!, and Last Call - First Round!.

In Mastering Current Events, Dawn mentioned that they did a news story on the Air Battle Master, McCann.

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