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Shadowquake (TCG)

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The Shadowquake Theme Deck from the EX Legend Maker Expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Water-attack.png and File:Physic-attack.png type Pokémon and contains the following cards: -

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
4x Gastly File:Physic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Haunter File:Physic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
1x Gengar File:Physic-attack.png File:Rare rare.gifH
4x Tentacool Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Tentacruel Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
4x Clamperl Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
1x Huntail Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
1x Gorebyss Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
4x Spheal Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Sealeo Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
3x Skitty Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Fieldworker T File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Energy Search (EX Unseen Forces) T File:Rare com.gif
2x Potion (EX Delta Species) T File:Rare com.gif
1x Power Tree T File:Rare uncom.gif
2x React Energy E File:Rare rare.gif
14x Water Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire) E --
9x Psychic Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire) E --

Like other Theme Decks, Shadowquake also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, single-player mat and card list. Template:ThemeDeck4