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Seven Sages

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The Seven Sages (Japanese: 七賢人 Seven Sages) are notable ranking members of Team Plasma. They are met individually throughout the games, but all of them are seen together in N's Castle where they block the way to N. All the Gym Leaders except Dent, Pod, and Corn appear and clear the way to N.

After the Elite Four has been defeated, the player must help Looker find the sages all over Unova.

Sprite Name Location met Location arrested TM given
File:Geechisuwalkdown.png Geechisu Karakusa Town N's Castle None
File:Viowalkdown.png Vio Freezing Container TM01 - Hone Claws TM01
(Hone Claws)
File:Ryokushiwalkdown.png Ryokushi Ancient Castle TM04 - Calm Mind TM04
(Calm Mind)
File:Jarowalkdown.png Giallo Dragon Spiral Tower Route 14 TM08 - Bulk Up TM08
(Bulk Up)
File:Lotwalkdown.png Rot Castelia City Route 18 TM32 - Double Team TM32
(Double Team)
File:Sumurawalkdown.png Sumura Castelia City Electric Rock Cave TM69 - Rock Polish TM69
(Rock Polish)
File:Asurawalkdown.png Asura Yaguruma Forest Site of Dreams TM75 - Swords Dance TM75 (Swords Dance)


  • They share noticeable similarities with the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.
  • With the exception of Geechisu, their names are references to the colors of the rainbow.
    • Vio comes from violet; Ryokushi is from 緑色 ryokushoku (green); Giallo is the Italian word for yellow; Rot is the German word for red; Sumura comes from Arabic أسمر (brown, similar to orange); and Asura comes from the Latin word azul (blue).
  • Every sage, with the exception of Geechisu, gives a TM that raises the user's stats.
    • Of these, Rot is the only sage that gives a TM that raises the user's stats by a total of one stage. The other TMs given raise the user's stats by a total of two stages.

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