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Secret Storage 15

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Secret Storage 15
Adventure Mode
Prize Target 26,000
Pokémon to Trozei 330
Hard Adventure Mode
Prize Target 46,000
Pokémon to Trozei 360

Secret Storage 15 is a playable location in Pokémon Trozei!. It is part of the Secret Storage group of areas.


Pokémon Rarity
Trozeiani349.png Feebas Common
Trozeiani246.png Larvitar Common
Trozeiani014.png Kakuna Common
Trozeiani325.png Spoink Common
Trozeiani266.png Silcoon Common
Trozeiani113.png Chansey Common
Trozeiani283.png Surskit Common
Trozeiani361.png Snorunt Common
Trozeiani132.png Ditto Common
Trozeiani067.png Machoke Rare
Trozeiani101.png Electrode Rare
Trozeiani108.png Lickitung Rare


The following conditions must be met before unlocking Secret Storage 15: