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Remember times

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Beginning a Journey
Korean opening themes
Remember times
XYZ OP 1 Korean.png
Remember times
Remember times
XY OP 03
Artist 최강호
Choi Gangho
Lyrics 최희정
Choi Huijeong
Composer 고석영
Go Seogyeong
Arrangement 고석영
Go Seogyeong

Remember times is the third opening song of the Korean dub of the XY series. It debuted with XY094, replacing Beginning a Journey. It uses the same footage as its corresponding Japanese opening theme, XY&Z.

The full version of this song was used as the opening for the Korean dub of Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.


Opening animation

OP Text

Korean English
이 별에 사는 신기한 생물
줄여서 말하면 포켓몬!
지금 소년 지우와 포켓몬들의 만남.
그 신나는 모험의
이야기가 시작된다!
The mysterious creatures of this planet
Pocket Monsters...
"Pokémon" for short!
Now, the story of the meeting between the boy Jiu and Pokémon,
The story of their exciting adventures
Is beginning!


The song begins featuring Ash and his Kalos team. Then Serena is shown on the pink background, Clemont is shown on the cyan and Bonnie with Dedenne on the yellow. The next scene shows Ash and his friends running on the meadow and looking at Lumiose City. In next scene, Serena dances with her Pokémon in their performance costumes, Clemont, with his Pokémon tries to create a gadget, and Bonnie is being dragged by Squishy in its 10% form. Ash is then shown with his Greninja reflecting on his battles with Sawyer and Alain. Greninja then walks away from Ash. Ash tries to reach Greninja, only to realize it was only a puddle of water. However, Ash and Greninja's bond grow closer, and Greninja is able to activate a new form. Ash is then seen battling Sawyer and his Mega Sceptile. Though Sceptile has a type advantage, Greninja, in its new form, is able to gain an upper hand and possibly defeated Sceptile. Team Flare, along with Alain and his Mega Charizard X, then appears, wanting to capture Squishy. Squishy, however, changed its form to 10%, 50%, and finally Complete form. Wulfric is then seen in the Pokémon Village. The song ends with the main characters all together in four-colored hexagon background (dark blue for Ash and Pikachu; pink for Serena; yellow for Bonnie, Dedenne and Squishy; and cyan for Clemont).




TV Size

Korean English
붉은 하늘 저 멀리의 도시를 향해
무작정 떠나는 모험 속엔
셀 수 없이 나를 막는 힘든 일들이 계속되고

갇혀버린 일상에서
희미해져 가는 용기와
시간 속에 깊게 잠든 날
다시 한 번 깨워 줄래

Say my name baby
잃어버린 날 찾아 mayday
숨이 차 터질 것 같아 save me
절대 놓치지 않아
저 하늘에게 또 다짐을 해
Call me baby
나를 꿈꾸게 하는 건 너 하나
나를 숨 쉬게 하는 너를 find out
오직 내 맘속엔 설레는 그 꿈이 있단 걸

Remember times
Show me show me your dreaming
This time 모든 걸 take it
Toward the city far away in the red sky
In an adventure that started recklessly
Struggles continue to block me endlessly

From my trapped life
Which weakens my courage
From my deep sleep in the depths of time
Can you wake me again

Say my name baby
Find my lost self, mayday
I feel breathless and about to burst, save me
Never let go
Make another pledge to the sky
Call me baby
You're the only one who makes me dream
You're the one who makes me breathe, find out
The fact that in my heart there's that exciting dream

Remember times
Show me, show me your dreaming
This time everything, take it


  • The song was uploaded to the official Korean Pokémon YouTube channel on February 29, 2016.
Beginning a Journey
Korean opening themes
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