Rad Rickshaw

Rad Rickshaw (top left)

Rad Rickshaw (Japanese: 自転車人力 Jitensha Jinriki) is the owner of Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop in Eterna City.

In the games

If the player visits the Cycle Shop upon first visiting Eterna City, Rad is nowhere to be seen. He can be found arguing with Team Galactic, campaigning them to return Pokémon that have been stolen from Eterna's Trainers (including his own Clefairy).

After the player has earned the Forest Badge, they can use HM01 (Cut) to get past the barricade of trees at the entrance to the Team Galactic Eterna Building. Once the Team Galactic Grunts, Scientists, and Commander Jupiter have been defeated, all the Pokémon are returned to their Trainers.

As an act of gratitude, Rad will reward the player with a free Bicycle from his shop. If spoken with again, he will repeat the instructions for using the different gears of the Bicycle.




Overworld sprite from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

In the manga

Rad Rickshaw (left) in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Pokémon Adventures


Diamond & Pearl arc

Rad Rickshaw first appears in Ring Around the Roserade II, when Cynthia frees him from the Team Galactic Grunts that were keeping him tied in the Team Galactic Eterna Building. She cuts the ropes using Tru's Razor Leaf that her Spiritomb kept by using Psychic. After being freed, he notices that there is rice covering the leaves (spat by Dia on Tru's back), and identifies it as being from Twinleaf Town. After Lady Berlitz gets her Forest Badge, Rad appears to the Sinnoh Pokédex holders believing they were the ones who saved him and sends them three Bicycles as a token of gratitude.

Later in Cautious Clefairy, Mr. Fuego asks Pearl to deliver some nuts and bolts ordered by Rad Rickshaw. Pearl decides to use the opportunity to understand Team Galactic's intentions on kidnapping him back then. Arriving at Eterna City, he gets attacked by two Clefairy but, before hitting them back, Rad appears to stop him. He tells that the reason of his kidnapping was probably his Pokémon, Cliff and Cliffette, since the Clefairy are said to have come from the moon and he thinks they were collecting anything related to space. Pearl explains about his plan on preventing the release of the Galactic Bomb, and Rad decides to go with him on a tandem bike to make him arrive faster at Lake Valor.

On their way, he tells Pearl about the Ancient Statue in Eterna City, and how he was interrogated about it by Team Galactic, since its history is well-known by the Rickshaw family. Upon arriving, Pearl bids farewell and goes to the center of the Lake, leaving Rad Rickshaw only to be attacked by Saturn's Octillery, being taken hostage again by Team Galactic. The Galactic Bomb explodes, but Rad is saved by Cliff and Cliffette. When he wakes up, he finds Pearl fallen in the middle of the Lake but doesn't know if he must chase the villains or help Pearl. To solve his confusion, Crasher Wake appears before him, making Rad overjoyed for seeing his idol. Later in Cleaning Up Grimer, he gives Pearl a repaired Bicycle for him to go after Team Galactic.

Platinum arc

Rad Rickshaw last appears in Alternate Dimension Showdown II, being injured by Giratina's rampage in Eterna City and rescued by his Pokémon once again.


Cliff and Cliffette (CY: Pippirin and Pippiran)
Rad Rickshaw owns two Clefairy nicknamed Cliff (Jp: ピッピりん Pippirin) and Cliffette (Jp: ピッピらん Pippiran).

Cliff and Cliffette's only known move is Lucky Chant.

Debut Cautious Clefairy


Language Name Origin
Japanese 自転車人力 Jitensha Jinriki From 自転車 jitensha (bicycle) and 人力車 jinrikisha (rickshaw)
English, French Rad Rickshaw From Rad (German for bike) and rickshaw
German Radl Rainer From Fahrrad (German for bicycle)
Italian Gigi Manubrio From manubrio, handlebar
Spanish Pepe Volata From pep and volata (final sprint of a cycle race)
Korean 자전거인력거 Jajeongeo Illyeokgeo From 자전거 jajeongeo (bicycle) and 인력거 illyeokgeo (rickshaw)
Chinese (Mandarin) 人力 Rénlì From 人力車 / 人力车 rénlìchē (rickshaw)
Brazilian Portuguese Rad Riquixá From Rad (German for bike) and riquixá (rickshaw)
Vietnamese Jitensha Jinriki Transliteration of his Japanese name

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