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Princess Salvia

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Princess Salvia

Princess Salvia (Japanese: サルビア王女 Princess Salvia) is a character of the day in DP171. She is voiced by かかずゆみ Yumi Kakazu in Japanese.

She is nearly identical to Dawn in appearance, with the exception of her hairstyle and clothing, and as such, wishing to escape her royal duties, swapped identities with her to compete in a Pokémon Contest using her Togekiss. Salvia won against Jessie (disguised as Jessilina, as usual) in the final round, gaining a sixth ribbon for Dawn for use in the Grand Festival, though out of kindness, gave Jessie the ribbon instead. In order to allow it to continue to compete in contests, she gave her Togekiss to Dawn.


Given away

Princess Salvia's Togekiss
Main article: Dawn's Togekiss

When Princess Salvia joined a Contest as Dawn, she used Togekiss in both the Appeals and Battle Round.

Togekiss's known moves at the time were Aura Sphere, Sky Attack, Air Slash and Safeguard.

Debut DP171


•Princess Salvia is the second person to win an official contest on the first attempt. The second one to do so is James. •Coecidentally, both of their ribbons won have given to Jessie.