Pokémon Tetris

Pokémon Tetris
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Basic info
Platform: Pokémon mini
Category: Puzzle
Players: 1-2 players
Connectivity: Infrared
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Pokémon mini series
Release dates
Japan: March 21, 2002
North America: N/A
Australia: N/A
Europe: 2002
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: N/A
English: Official website
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Japanese boxart

Pokémon Tetris (Japanese: ポケモンショックテトリス Pokémon Shock Tetris) is a game released as part of Pokémon mini. It has only been released in Japan and Europe. It was classified by the ESRB as E for Everyone under the title Pokémon Mini Shock Tetris.[1] This likely meant that the game was planned to release in the United States but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

The game is inspired by Tetris.


The game consists of several variations of the main game of Tetris with varying levels of difficulty. This game also allows most bricks to be Flipped by shaking the Pokémon mini. In all one player and VS. games, a silhouette of a Pokémon will be shown on the right hand side of the screen; if the player can make a match of 4 or more lines, the Pokémon will be captured and added to the in-game Pokédex. The player has a limited time to capture the Pokémon before it is replaced by another one chosen at random.


1-player mode


The player keeps playing until the screen fills up with bricks. There are three difficulty levels

  • Rookie
    • Only Tetrimino (regular four block pieces) appear
  • Normal
    • Pentimino (five block pieces) appear as your level goes up
  • Hyper
    • Pentimino appear from the beginning

20 Lines

This is a time attack mode timing how long it takes for the player to match 20 lines of bricks. On the normal level only Tetrimino appear.


The player is timed to see how quickly they can clear one of every time of line combination, including one line (single), two lines (double), three lines (triple) and four lines (tetris). At the normal level only Tetrimino appear.


249 Pokémon can be captured in this game. In this mode, the player can see which Pokémon they have caught. The Pokédex also shows both the Pokémon's number and the quantity captured. Up to three kinds of picture of each Pokémon can be viewed. Rarer Pokémon appear at higher difficulties and some only appear in certain game modes.

VS. mode

This mode requires both players to have a copy of the game each. Multiplayer games are the same as single player with the change that when a player makes a line match, the other player receives more lines on their screen.


In other languages

Language Title
  Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon Shock Tetris

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