Pokémon Showdown

Pokémon Showdown
Language English
Status Active
Run 2011 - Present
Date opened October 2011
Creator Zarel
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Forum PS Forums
Mascot Meloetta
Website Main Page

Pokémon Showdown, also often formatted as Pokémon Showdown!, is a web-based Pokémon battle simulator. It is free open source software and written in JavaScript and Node.js. It was adopted by Smogon on July 2, 2012.

In addition to standard modes of play, Pokémon Showdown! includes unique features such as "Pure Hackmons" and "Balanced Hackmons," which encompass Pokémon of normally illegal movesets and Abilities. Some people also have custom servers in which they can create their own rulesets, battle formats, and even "pet mods" where they can change the entire way the game is played.


Pokémon Showdown has move animations in battle. It supports one-click replay sharing and reconnecting to disconnected battles.

Pokémon Showdown supports Single and Double Battles in Generation V, Generation VI, Generation VII, and Generation VIII and also has support for Single Battles in all other generations. They also have Triple Battles though it is only in beta phase as with Multi Battles and Battle Royals. There are also custom battle styles, such as the Almost Any Ability or Monotype ruleset.

This website also features alternative servers which people can join through the main website. Examples include Sports, Dragon Heaven, and Pokémon Insurgence.


Pokémon Showdown was created by Zarel. Because this project is collaborative, it has many other developers and graphical contributors as well.


  • Aeonic (Moderator)
  • Antar (Technical)
  • antemortem (Policy)
  • bmelts (Technical, Advisor)
  • chaos (Policy, Owner)
  • DaWoblefet (High-rank Moderator/operator)
  • EV (Policy)
  • Jasmine (Policy)
  • Joim (Technical)
  • Marty (Technical)
  • sirDonovan (Technical)
  • SoftFlex (Moderator)
  • The Immortal (Policy, Technical)
  • V4 (Technical)
  • Zarel (Technical, Owner)

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