Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! volume 7

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Volume 6
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
Volume 8
File:DPA vol 7 Eng.png
English cover artwork
File:DPA vol 7.png
Japanese cover artwork

Volume 7 is the seventh volume of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga created by 伊原しげかつ Shigekatsu Ihara.

  • First published in Japan by Shōgakukan: May 28, 2009
    • ISBN 4091407978
  • First published in US/Canada by VIZ Media: July 6, 2010
    • ISBN 1421534916



  • Looker, who was erroneously named "Hansom" (an unusual romanization of his Japanese name, "Handsome") in volume six, is referred to as "Looker" beginning in The Anger of Legendary Pokémon Heatran. He explains that "Looker" is his code name and he is referred to as "Looker" ever since then.

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