Pokémon Black and White: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

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Pokémon Black and White: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
ISBN: 9780307468031
Published: March 6, 2011
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: The Pokémon Company International
Preceded By: Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Pokédex
Succeeded By: Pokémon Black and White Pokédex

Pokémon Black and White: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon Black and White published by Prima Games in March 2011.


Welcome to the Unova region, Pokémon Trainer—prepare to be amazed by the Pokémon you'll discover here!

Over 150 brand-new Pokémon await you in the latest incredible Pokémon adventure! And this strategy guide will introduce to you:

  • A complete walkthrough that includes all the new Pokémon you'll meet, every Trainer you'll face, and each challenge you'll need to overcome!
  • A must-have primer for Pokémon training that will get you ready to battle in the Unova region!
  • Detailed maps of all the towns, cities, and places you'll go on your adventure, including a full map of the Unova region.
  • All the places where you can change your Pokémon into powerful forms!
  • Bonus poster inside!

Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or on your first adventure in the world of Pokémon, you'll find excitement like you've never encountered before when you explore the Unova region and its new wonders!

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