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Striking Out Snover/VS Snover
VS ユキカブリ
VS Yukikaburi
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 35
Round number 387
Location Snowbound Lodge
Route 217
Snowpoint City
Snowpoint Gym
Previous Round Disagreeable Graveler
Next Round To and Fro with Froslass

Striking Out Snover/VS Snover or Snowpoint and Candice (Japanese: VS ユキカブリ VS Yukikaburi or キッサキとスズナ Kissaki and Suzuna) is the 387th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.



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At the Snowbound Lodge, Platinum puts on her winter clothing. While looking out the window, she notices Maylene running through the snow with her Pokémon. After meeting with her and getting reacquainted, Platinum travels with Maylene who is going to go meet up with Candice.

After a bit of traveling the two arrive at the Snowpoint Gym, and after solving the snowball puzzle Candice and Platinum meet and begin their battle. Platinum sends out her Empoleon while Candice sends out her Snover. Platinum suddenly gains the lead by knocking it out with one attack.

Major events

  • Platinum meets Candice.
  • Platinum switches to her winter clothing, but she quickly takes it off when traveling to her upcoming Gym Battle.
  • Platinum meets up with Maylene.
  • Platinum and Candice begin their Gym battle.
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