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POP Series 9 (TCG)

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POP Series 9
Please upload the logo for this expansion.[[File:|180px]]
Cards in set 17
Set number 9 (POP)
Release date (Estimated) March 9th, 2008
Theme Decks None

POP Series 9 is the name given to a special set of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released through Pokémon Organized Play events or affiliated products.


POP Series 9 was the first promotional set of the Pokémon Organized Play program to be released during the PL Series. Similarly to POP Series 6 and POP Series 7, the entire set is comprised of Pokémon. Unlike these previous sets however, all of the cards, bar 1 (Gible) were new.

While the set includes no Trainer cards, many of the cards featured have attack effects that rely on other Pokémon also in the set to be in play, making them somewhat useful in multi-type decks. This comes around from the fact that these cards were released as part of a "Collection Challenge" campaign in Japan, and were likely purposely made to complement each other.


  • The booster pack design features Garchomp.
  • Several Canadian Leagues awarded packs to players at the end of February, earlier than the intended release date.

Card List

No. Card Name Type Level Rarity
1 Garchomp Colorless 64 Rare
2 Manaphy Water 25 Rare
3 Raichu Lightning 39 Rare
4 Regigigas Colorless 42 Rare
5 Rotom Lightning 46 Rare
6 Buizel Water 17 Uncommon
7 Croagunk Psychic 19 Uncommon
8 Gabite Colorless 33 Uncommon
9 Lopunny Colorless 36 Uncommon
10 Pachirisu Lightning 20 Uncommon
11 Pichu Lightning 5 Uncommon
12 Buneary Colorless 8 Common
13 Chimchar Fire 5 Common
14 Gible Colorless 9 Common
15 Pikachu Lightning 18 Common
16 Piplup Water 6 Common
17 Turtwig Grass 7 Common

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