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Nazonokusa's Hide and Seek
PB29 JP.png
ISBN: 409728729X
Published: March 1998
Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Kunihiko Yuyama
Preceded By: Beroringa Licks Everything
Succeeded By: Jigglypuff's Magic Lullaby

Nazonokusa's Hide and Seek (Japanese: ナゾノクサのかくれんぼ) is written by Kunihiko Yuyama and collage is done by Tomokazu Komiya. In this book, rather than being drawn normally, the pictures are made in a collage style. It is the 29th book in the Japanese edition of the Pokémon Tales series. This book is in Japanese and has not been translated into English.


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The popular Pokémon Nazonokusa is quiet and cute. Today, it's playing hide and seek with its friends. While it's hiding, Nazonokusa falls asleep and has a very fun dream. To find out what its dream was, you'll have to read the book. (translated)

While playing hide and seek with everyone, Nazonokusa accidentally drifts off to sleep. It goes looking for everyone, but it gets tired and falls asleep again. While Nazonokusa dreams, will the other Pokémon be able to find it? (translated)





Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Japan Shogakukan March 1998 ISBN 409728729X



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