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Ready, Set, Dodo!
PB16 JP.png
ISBN: 4097287168
Published: October 1997
Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Tomokazu Komiya
Preceded By: Where's Clefairy's Voice?
Succeeded By: Snorlax's Snack

Ready, Set, Dodo! (Japanese: ドードーよーいどん!) is written and illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya. It is the 16th book in the Japanese edition of the Pokémon Tales series. This book is in Japanese and has not been translated into English.


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Even among the few bird Pokémon, Dodo is a rare Pokémon you don't see often. So it would make sense that a lot of Pokémon fans might want to know more about it... Come take a look at the lighter side of Dodo. (translated)

The two of us make one. We can run really fast, and we love running, but you have to train, too, and it can get boring. But today we're just having fun running. A picture book about Dodo, the Pokémon that can run at 100 KPH. (translated)





Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Japan Shogakukan October 1997 ISBN 4097287168



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