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O-Hina Town
オヒナタウン O-Hina Town
Princess Day Festival.png
O-Hina Town
Region Kanto
Debut Princess vs. Princess

(Japanese: オヒナタウン O-Hina Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. It appeared in Princess vs. Princess. During the annual Princess Festival, O-Hina Town hosts a tournament exclusively for girls, known as the Queen of the Princess Festival. Misty entered this tournament and managed to win from Jessie in the finals.

The name of the town comes from おひな o-hina, which are dolls traditionally displayed on Hinamatsuri (which is what the Princess Festival is in the Japanese version).

The town is located somewhere between Fuchsia City and Cinnabar Island.

Pokémon seen in O-Hina Town

Lickitung Debut.png
O-Hina Town Kingler.png
O-Hina Town Pinsir.png
O-Hina Town Cubone.png
O-Hina Town Raticate.png
O-Hina Town Primeape.png
O-Hina Town Fearow.png
O-Hina Town Graveler.png
O-Hina Town Tangela.png
O-Hina Town Machoke.png
O-Hina Town Parasect.png

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