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Natures are the Pokémon analogue of personalities. They either increase a stat by 10% and decrease a stat by 10%, or not affect its stats at all. Note, however, that Natures do not affect experience or DVs. Natures exist only in the Generation III and Generation IV games, and Pokémon can currently have one of over 25 Natures.

Nature Increased stat Decreased stat Favorite flavor Flavor Dislikes Generation
Adamant Attack Sp. Attack Spicy Dry III
Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet III
Bashful None III
Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy III
Calm Sp. Defense Attack Bitter Spicy III
Careful Sp. Defense Sp. Attack Bitter Dry III
Docile None III
Gentle Sp. Defense Defense Bitter Sour III
Frivolous ??? IV
Hardy None III
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour III
Impish Defense Sp. Attack Sour Dry III
Jolly Speed Sp. Attack Sweet Dry III
Lax Defense Sp. Defense Sour Bitter III
Lonely Attack Defense Spicy Sour III
Meticolous ??? IV
Mild Sp. Attack Defense Dry Sour III
Modest Sp. Attack Attack Dry Spicy III
Naive Speed Sp. Defense Sweet Bitter III
Naughty Attack Sp. Defense Spicy Bitter III
Quiet Sp. Attack Speed Dry Sweet III
Quirky None III
Rash Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Dry Bitter III
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour Sweet III
Sassy Sp. Defense Speed Bitter Sweet III
Serious None III
Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy III