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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

(Japanese: ナユタ Nayuta) is the character of the day in DP138. He is voiced by Chinami Nishimura in Japanese.

Nayuta is a small boy who lives in Twinleaf Town. He dreams of be coming a Pokémon Trainer when he gets older. Ash met him when he saw him observing some wild Pokémon. Nayuta reminded Ash of himself when he was younger.

Nayuta's favorite Pokémon is Heracross and hopes to catch one once he's a Trainer. Ash mentions to him that he caught his own Heracross.

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