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The Monster Egg Group (Japanese: 怪獣グループ Monster Group) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. As of Generation VIII, 81 Pokémon belong to this group.


Monster group Pokémon are usually among the most powerful, and most well-known. Though not as large as the Field group, the Monster group is still a fairly large group. In terms of general body shape, most appear to be bipedal, although quadrupedal forms are common as well. Many also possess a large tail which may aid in balance and some possess claws on their limbs. Most of them are also partially reptilian, superficially resembling dinosaurs. Mammalian forms are also present.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
104   Cubone Ground
105   Marowak Ground
105   Marowak
Alolan Form
Fire Ghost
108   Lickitung Normal
115   Kangaskhan Normal
143   Snorlax Normal
246   Larvitar Rock Ground
247   Pupitar Rock Ground
248   Tyranitar Rock Dark
304   Aron Steel Rock
305   Lairon Steel Rock
306   Aggron Steel Rock
408   Cranidos Rock
409   Rampardos Rock
410   Shieldon Rock Steel
411   Bastiodon Rock Steel
463   Lickilicky Normal
698   Amaura Rock Ice
699   Aurorus Rock Ice

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
001   Bulbasaur Grass Poison Grass
002   Ivysaur Grass Poison Grass
003   Venusaur Grass Poison Grass
004   Charmander Fire Dragon
005   Charmeleon Fire Dragon
006   Charizard Fire Flying Dragon
007   Squirtle Water Water 1
008   Wartortle Water Water 1
009   Blastoise Water Water 1
029   Nidoran♀ Poison Field
032   Nidoran♂ Poison Field
033   Nidorino Poison Field
034   Nidoking Poison Ground Field
079   Slowpoke Water Psychic Water 1
079G   Slowpoke Psychic Water 1
080   Slowbro Water Psychic Water 1
080G   Slowbro Poison Psychic Water 1
111   Rhyhorn Ground Rock Field
112   Rhydon Ground Rock Field
131   Lapras Water Ice Water 1
152   Chikorita Grass Grass
153   Bayleef Grass Grass
154   Meganium Grass Grass
158   Totodile Water Water 1
159   Croconaw Water Water 1
160   Feraligatr Water Water 1
179   Mareep Electric Field
180   Flaaffy Electric Field
181   Ampharos Electric Field
199   Slowking Water Psychic Water 1
199G   Slowking Poison Psychic Water 1
252   Treecko Grass Dragon
253   Grovyle Grass Dragon
254   Sceptile Grass Dragon
258   Mudkip Water Water 1
259   Marshtomp Water Ground Water 1
260   Swampert Water Ground Water 1
293   Whismur Normal Field
294   Loudred Normal Field
295   Exploud Normal Field
357   Tropius Grass Flying Grass
387   Turtwig Grass Grass
388   Grotle Grass Grass
389   Torterra Grass Ground Grass
443   Gible Dragon Ground Dragon
444   Gabite Dragon Ground Dragon
445   Garchomp Dragon Ground Dragon
459   Snover Grass Ice Grass
460   Abomasnow Grass Ice Grass
464   Rhyperior Ground Rock Field
610   Axew Dragon Dragon
611   Fraxure Dragon Dragon
612   Haxorus Dragon Dragon
621   Druddigon Dragon Dragon
694   Helioptile Electric Normal Dragon
695   Heliolisk Electric Normal Dragon
696   Tyrunt Rock Dragon Dragon
697   Tyrantrum Rock Dragon Dragon
712   Bergmite Ice Mineral
713   Avalugg Ice Mineral
713H   Avalugg Ice Rock Mineral
757   Salandit Poison Fire Dragon
758   Salazzle Poison Fire Dragon
776   Turtonator Fire Dragon Dragon
780   Drampa Normal Dragon Dragon
833   Chewtle Water Water 1
834   Drednaw Water Rock Water 1


  • All the starter Pokémon from Generation I are in this Egg Group.
  • Poké Maniacs specialize in this Egg Group.
  • All the Generation V Pokémon that are in this group are Dragon-type and also in the Dragon Group.
  • Prior to Generation VIII, Bergmite and Avalugg were only in the Monster egg group.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Monstreux*
  German Monster
  Italian Mostro*
  Korean 괴수 Goesu
  Spanish Monstruo