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Artwork of Gladion using a memory on his Silvally

A memory (Japanese: メモリ memory), also referred to as a memory drive or memory disc, is a type of held item introduced in Generation VII to work with the Ability RKS System to change the types of Silvally and its Multi-Attack.


List of Memories


In the anime

The first Memory to appear in the anime was the Dark Memory, which Gladion used in Mission: Total Recall! in order for his newly evolved Silvally to defeat Faba's Alakazam and Hypno.

In Family Determination!, Gladion used a Fairy Memory to put his Silvally at a type advantage against a Totem Kommo-o, allowing it to defeat the Scaly Pokémon with a super-effective Multi-Attack.

In 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, Gladion used a Fire Memory to allow Silvally to free itself from the ice created by Lusamine's Absol's Ice Beam. Later in the same episode, he used a Steel Memory to make Silvally able to cross a pool of poison created by a Nihilego.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 記憶碟 Geiyīkdihp
Mandarin 記憶碟 Jìyìdié *
存储碟 Cúnchǔdié *
Denmark Flag.png Danish Minde
Finland Flag.png Finnish Muisti
France Flag.png French ROM
Germany Flag.png German Disc
Italy Flag.png Italian ROM
South Korea Flag.png Korean 메모리 Memory
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Minne
Poland Flag.png Polish Pamięć
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Memória
Spain Flag.png Spanish Disco
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Minne
Thailand Flag.png Thai เมมโมรี่ Memory

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