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スモモ Sumomo
""The Barefoot, Fighting Genius""
Art from Diamond/Pearl
Gender Female
Hometown Veilstone City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Father (gambler at Game Corner)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Leader of Veilstone Gym
Badge Cobble Badge
Anime debut Lost Leader Strategy!
English voice actor Rachael Lillis
Japanese voice actor Aya Endō

Maylene (Japanese: スモモ Sumomo) is the Gym Leader of Veilstone City's Gym, known officially as the Veilstone Gym. She hands out the Cobble Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She specializes in Template:Type2 Pokémon.


In the anime

Maylene from the anime

Maylene made her first appearance in Lost Leader Strategy! She is voiced by 遠藤綾 Aya Endō in Japanese and by Rachael Lillis in English.

After being defeated by Paul, Maylene had lost confidence in herself as a Gym Leader, a position she's only held for six months. When Ash challenged her, she declined, much to the annoyance of her Lucario.

Discovering Dawn has similar issues herself (following Dawn's Early Night and Team Shocker!'s contest defeats), Maylene agrees to have a gym battle with her in Crossing the Battle Line!. She managed to defeat Dawn after a hard-fought battle.

She was challenged by Ash next in A Triple Fighting Chance!, an even harder-fought battle which resulted in a tie. With the decision now hers, Maylene considered Ash to have battled well enough that she awarded him the Cobble Badge.

Maylene also appeared in Enter Galactic!.



In the games

Maylene uses Template:Type2 Pokémon in her battles. Trainers who defeat her receive the Cobble Badge, TM60 (Drain Punch) and are able to use Fly outside of battle. Maylene is considered a cute little girl, but adults in the town respect her for her power. Maylene's father gambles at the Veilstone Game Corner. Maylene apparently doesn't know her own strength, as she's totally unsure of how she got to be Gym Leader, and seems rather confused by the whole thing.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


Pokémon Platinum





Before battle
"Hello. I'm pleased to meet you. I'm Maylene, and I'm the Gym Leader. I don't really know what it means to be strong, or how I got to be the Gym Leader. But I will do the best I can as the Gym Leader. I take battling very seriously. Whenever you're ready!"

After sending out last Pokémon
"Oh! But this isn't the end, my friend!"

During battle
"I'm in a bit of a bind, aren't I?"

When defeated
"I shall admit defeat... You are much too strong."

After being defeated
"...OK. You win. That was a tough loss. I learned a lot from it. Please, accept this Gym Badge."

"Gee, I'm hungry... Oh, sorry, it's nothing. I didn't say anything. <name>, I can't explain what it means to be strong. I don't know how much effort goes into being strong... But being with Pokémon lets us keep making the effort, doesn't it?"

In the manga

Pokémon Special

Maylene is seen training with her two Pokémon. She almost gets hit by Pearl's Monferno's Ember (when the trio was testing Berlitz's newly-earned Zoom Lens) while she was jogging around the city. She challenges Berlitz to a match, adding that Berlitz must use Monferno against her.


Maylene owns these Pokémon:


Pokémon DP




Language Name Origin
Japanese スモモ (Sumomo) Possibly taken from 相撲 (sumō). Can also mean plum
English Maylene Sounds like melee.
French Mélina From mêlée, brawl.
German Hilda From the germanic root hildjo, battle.
Italian Marzia From marziale, martial.
Spanish Brega From bregar, to fight.
Korean 자두 (Jadu) Means plum (Direct translation of Sumomo.)

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