Lightning Club

Lightning Club Emblem

The Lightning Club (Japanese: エレキクラブ Electric Club) is a group of Trainers who use Lightning-type Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is led by Isaac.

In the games

Pokémon Trading Card Game

In order to challenge Isaac, the player must defeat all of the other Club members. Players who are able to beat Isaac will receive the Lightning Medal and two booster packs.

In the west room, a Chap offers his promotional Electabuzz in exchange for an Electabuzz from the Base Set.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

At the beginning of the game, both Nicholas and Isaac are available to duel under GR4's orders in the north room, while Jennifer and Brandon are in the west room and can't duel since their decks were stolen. Nicholas must be defeated first before the player is able to duel Isaac. Once Nicholas is defeated, the player can't duel him again until Isaac is defeated as well. Nicholas and Isaac don't award any booster packs at this point, but the player receives the Pikachu Coin after defeating them.

Once Nicholas and Isaac are defeated, GR4 leaves the Club. When the player leaves the Club and returns, Nicholas and Isaac become available for normal duels, which award booster packs as usual. Jennifer and Brandon return to the north room with the others, but they are still unable to duel. When the GR Coin is completed, the stolen decks are returned and all four members of the Lightning Club will be able to battle the player.

A Girl in the Lounge trades a promotional Pikachu with the player for four Voltorb.


Club Master

Icon Name GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
    Isaac Zapping Selfdestruct Deck Sky Spark Deck
Electric Selfdestruct Deck

Club Members

Icon Name GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
  Jennifer Pikachu Deck I Love Pikachu Deck
  Brandon Power Generator Deck 10,000 Volts Deck
  Nicholas Boom Boom Selfdestruct Deck Overflow Deck
Triple Zapdos Deck


Game Lounge Lobby Main Hall
TCG GB1      
TCG GB2      

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese エレキクラブ Electric Club
  French Cercle Electrik
  German Elektroclub
  Italian Club Fulmine
  Spanish Club Relámpago

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