Light Stone

The Light Stone (Japanese: ライトストーン Light Stone) is a Key Item introduced in Generation V. It is one of the two Dragon Stones, being Reshiram in its dormant form.

Light Stone
Light Stone
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Light Stone
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Introduced in Generation V
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In the core series games


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Pokémon Black

It summons Reshiram to assist the player against N and Zekrom at N's Castle during the storyline of Pokémon Black.

Pokémon White 2

It summons Reshiram at the top of Dragonspiral Tower during the post-game of Pokémon White 2.


Games Description
Reshiram's body was destroyed and changed into this stone. It is said to be waiting for the emergence of a hero.


Games Method
B Nacrene City (received from Lenora after clearing Relic Castle)
W2 N's Castle (received from N after the player defeats him and Reshiram)

In the spin-off games

Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure

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The Light Stone appears in Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure.

In the anime

The Light Stone in the anime

Main series

The Light Stone debuted in Black—Victini and Reshiram and White—Victini and Zekrom. As the embodiment of Reshiram, the Light Stone can glow red from Reshiram's fire. It first appeared under the ownership of the Hero of Truth, as the hibernating form of the fatigued dragon Pokémon. The stone was hidden below the Sword of the Vale by the hero. In Black—Victini and Reshiram, Ash awakened Reshiram from the Light Stone to fight Damon's Zekrom; in White—Victini and Zekrom, Damon was the one to find and use the Light Stone so he could recruit Reshiram to his cause.

The Light Stone made its main series debut in Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!, where it was found in the White Ruins by Cedric Juniper. N soon snatched it away, claiming that he wanted to ask Reshiram why it had attacked Team Plasma's castle years before. Ash tried to chase after him, but got stuck in a sinkhole. N tried to help him, but ended up falling down the same hole with Ash. Using Pikachu, Pignite, Krookodile, and Charizard, Ash was able to dig them a way back to the surface, where Team Plasma had started an attack on the White Ruins, intending to get the Light Stone for themselves. When Colress used his Pokémon Control Device on Pikachu, forcing it to attack Ash and his friends, N surrendered the Light Stone to Team Plasma in exchange for Ash's safety. Ghetsis then proceeded to conduct a ritual to awaken Reshiram, successfully restoring the Vast White Pokémon to its true form.

The Light Stone in Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations

The Light Stone briefly appeared in The King Returns, where N's Reshiram was forced to revert into it by Kyurem. The Light Stone was then immediately absorbed by Kyurem, turning it into White Kyurem.

The Light Stone in Pokémon Evolutions

Pokémon Evolutions

The Light Stone appeared in The Plan, where it was shown to be in Hilda's possession.

In the manga

Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder

The Light Stone appeared in Get the Legendary Pokémon!, where Shin and Alder found it at the Relic Castle. After an apparent betrayal by Alder, which was soon revealed to be merely a test to see if Shin was worthy for the Light Stone to accept him as the Hero of Fire, the stone was revived into Reshiram. Shin then flew off with Reshiram to confront N and Zekrom at N's Castle.

Pokémon Adventures

The Light Stone in Pokémon Adventures

Black & White arc

The Light Stone was held at the Nacrene Gym, although its presence there wasn't revealed until Finding Truth. After the Dark Stone was stolen by Team Plasma, Brycen, having noticed the Light Stone rolling out of its safe towards Black, and thus acknowledging him as the Hero of Truth, agreed with Drayden to entrust the stone to Black, which he did in A Cold Reception, after being beaten by Black in a Gym battle.

In True Friends, during the Pokémon League tournament, Black's rage over Team Plasma having convinced Cheren to side with their beliefs caused the Light Stone to be awakened into Reshiram. He then proceeded to use Reshiram to battle N's Zekrom, eventually emerging victorious. After the battle was over and Team Plasma had been defeated, Reshiram started reverting into its stone form once again. Ghetsis, wanting to get revenge on Black for foiling his plans, used Colress's Beheeyem to push Black closer to the forming stone, causing him to get sucked into it as well. The Light Stone then floated away before White could grab it.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In Flying Ship, the Light Stone was seen flying towards the Unova region alongside N and Zekrom, having reacted to the awakening of Kyurem. Fennel later sent White to search for the stone at the Entralink, where she was able to find it. N, having followed the stone, told White that the stone had landed to the Entralink on purpose for her to find. In Dream World, the inside of the Light Stone was revealed to be connected to the Pokémon Dream World. After White had been briefly sucked into the Stone and reunited with Black, Reshiram emerged from the Stone, freeing both Black and White from it in the process.

In Giant Chasm, Kyurem used the power of the DNA Splicers to force Reshiram to revert into the Light Stone again before absorbing it, turning into White Kyurem. In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Kyurem separated itself from the Light Stone, which immediately transformed back into Reshiram.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 光明石 Gwōngmìhng Sehk *
Mandarin 光明石 Guāngmíng Shí *
光芒石 Guāngmáng Shí
  Finnish Valon kivi
  French Galet Blanc
  German Lichtstein
  Italian Chiarolite
  Korean 라이트스톤 Light Stone
  Polish Kamień Światła
Portuguese   Brazil Pedra de Luz*
Pedra da Luz*
  Portugal Pedra Clara
  Spanish Orbe Claro
  Vietnamese Đá ánh sáng

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