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"Let's see which of our decks has the edge."
Art from the PTCGO website
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blue
Hometown Houston
Region USA
Trainer class Trading Card Game Player

Kendall is a regular at Game Store in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. So far she can be faced in three of the four leagues, for a total of four times.


Official Bio

Kendall isn't just a skilled TCG player-she's also a successful Mathlete who loves statistics, manga, and electronic music. When she goes to tournaments, she can often be found playing Pokémon games on her Nintendo DS system between rounds.

In Gold League

Kendall uses a fire lightning deck in the Gold League.

Kendall's fire lightning deck


In Platinum League

Kendall uses a lightning deck in the Platinum League.

Kendall's lightning deck


In Platinum League Playoffs

Kendall uses a darkness psychic deck in the Platinum League Playoffs.

Kendall's darkness psychic deck


In Diamond League Playoffs

Kendall uses a darkness lightning deck in the Diamond League Playoffs.

Kendall's darkness lightning deck


Game Store Players
Employees ZachElla
Professor Professor Holly
League contestants MickCalvinAliGraysonJujiKendallTysonPenelope

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