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Jungle Verde

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Jungle Verde (Japanese: ヴェルデジャングル Verde Jungle) is the eleventh area in Pokémon Shuffle, consisting of fifteen stages. In the original game, Jungle Verde served as the final area. Updates to the game have since added new areas to the game.


Stage Pokémon Type HP Moves Catchability EXP Notes
Base Bonus

{{../Template:ShufflePoké|136|618|Stunfisk|Ground|5,670|16|25%|5%|16}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|137|018|Pidgeot|Flying|4,634|15|7%|7%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|138|547|Whimsicott|Grass|5,363|16|50%|4%|16}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|139|105|Marowak|Ground|4,672|15|20%|6%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|140|031|Nidoqueen|Poison|5,840|15|5%|7%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|141|034|Nidoking|Poison|5,840|15|10%|6%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|142|470|Leafeon|Grass|4,483|15|5%|7%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|143|212|Scizor|Bug|3,636|15|5%|7%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|144|227|Skarmory|Steel|5,500|15|35%|5%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|145|419|Floatzel|Water|5,201|16|50%|4%|16}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|146|454|Toxicroak|Poison|5,840|15|25%|5%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|147|468|Togekiss|Fairy|3,162|9|10%|10%|9}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|148|214|Heracross|Bug|5,195|15|5%|7%|15}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|149|612|Haxorus|Dragon|1,666|5|65%|7%|5|Normally must be completed with 0 moves remaining, but can be completed with more moves left by spending a Jewel upon running out of moves. Pokémon selected for this stage do not appear in this stage. Players will always obtain an S rank.}} {{../Template:ShufflePoké|150|150MY|Mewtwo|display=Mega Mewtwo Y|Psychic|11,111|23|N/A|N/A|23|Final stage in the original game prior to any downloaded updates through checking in.}}


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヴェルデジャングル Verde Jungle From verde (Italian and Spanish for green) and jungle
English Jungle Verde Same as Japanese name
French Jungle Xoxoctic From jungle and xoxoctic (Nahuatl for green)
German Jadewald From Jade and Wald (forest)
Italian Giungla Verdor From giungla (jungle) and verdor (Spanish for verdure)
Spanish Selva Verdor From selva (jungle) and verdor (verdure)

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