Inakano Town

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Inakano Town
イナカノタウン Inakano Town
Region Unova
Debut Lost at the League!

(Japanese: イナカノタウン Inakano Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Unova.

It is the hometown of Russet. In Lost at the League!, Russet's friends and family arrived in Vertress City from Inakano Town to celebrate his progression through the early rounds of the Vertress Conference. In the dubbed version of that episode, Russet's father referred to Inakano Town as "our little town", not revealing a dub name.


Language Name Origin
Japanese イナカノタウン Inakano Town Literally translates to "rural town".
Chinese (Mandarin) 鄉下鎮 Xiāngxià Zhèn Direct translation of its Japanese name.

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