Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks (ATCG)

Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks
ซันแอนด์มูน GX Starter Deck เงาอำพราง
AS3D GX Starter Decks.jpg
Collective box art
Expansion Hidden Shadow
Release date August 11, 2019

The Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks (Thai: ซันแอนด์มูน GX Starter Deck เงาอำพราง Set A and ซันแอนด์มูน GX Starter Deck เงาอำพราง Set B Sun and Moon GX Starter Deck Hidden Shadow Set A and Sun and Moon GX Starter Deck Hidden Shadow Set B) are a pair of decks exclusive to the Asian Pokémon Trading Card Game, released alongside the Hidden Shadow expansion on August 11, 2019.


These pre-constructed decks feature different cards and have their own collection number, but share the set symbol AS3D. Set A focuses on Salamence-GX and the   and   types, while Set B features Dialga-GX and the   and   types. Each deck includes damage counters, a GX marker, and a manual.

Deck lists

Set A
No. Card Type Quantity
001/024 Moltres  
002/024 Heatran  
003/024 Salandit  
004/024 Salazzle  
005/024 Wooper  
006/024 Quagsire  
007/024 White Kyurem  
008/024 Froakie  
009/024 Bagon  
010/024 Shelgon  
011/024 Salamence   
012/024 Kangaskhan  
013/024 Fiery Flint I
014/024 Ultra Ball I
015/024 Rare Candy I
016/024 PokéNav I
017/024 Switch I
018/024 Pokémon Catcher I
019/024 Lure Ball I
020/024 Escape Board I
021/024 Judge Su
022/024 Cynthia Su
023/024 Looker Su
024/024 Samson Oak Su
Water Energy   E 10×
Fire Energy   E

Set B
No. Card Type Quantity
001/022 Chinchou  
002/022 Lanturn  
003/022 Mareep  
004/022 Xurkitree  
005/022 Magnemite  
006/022 Magneton  
007/022 Magnezone  
008/022 Registeel  
009/022 Dialga   
010/022 Lickitung  
011/022 Electropower I
012/022 Ultra Ball I
013/022 Rare Candy I
014/022 Switch I
015/022 Pokémon Catcher I
016/022 Metal Frying Pan I
017/022 Lady Su
018/022 Judge Su
019/022 Cynthia Su
020/022 Samson Oak Su
021/022 Looker Su
022/022 Mt. Coronet St
Lightning Energy   E
Metal Energy   E 11×

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