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Have You Seen Them?! The New Powers!! (Tretta)

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Have You Seen Them?! The New Powers!! (Japanese: みたか!あらたなパワー!!) is the third Pokémon Tretta set in the Festival series, and the eighth set overall. It features 48 Tretta.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
8-00 Mew Psychic Tretta Legend class.png
8-01 Reshiram Fire Tretta Master class.png
8-02 Zekrom Electric Tretta Master class.png
8-03 Kyurem Ice Tretta Master class.png
8-04 Blaziken Fire Tretta Master class.png
8-08 Krookodile Dark Tretta Hyper class.png
8-09 Druddigon Dragon Tretta Hyper class.png
8-10 Excadrill Ground Tretta Hyper class.png
8-11 Crustle Rock Tretta Hyper class.png
8-12 Reshiram Fire Tretta Super class.png
8-13 Zekrom Electric Tretta Super class.png
8-14 Kyurem Ice Tretta Super class.png
8-16 Snorlax Normal Tretta Super class.png
8-17 Scyther Bug Tretta Super class.png
8-18 Audino Normal Tretta Super class.png
8-19 Wobbuffet Psychic Tretta Super class.png
8-22 Pansage Grass Tretta Super class.png
8-23 Riolu Fighting Tretta Super class.png
8-29 Dragonite Dragon Tretta Normal class.png
8-39 Yamask Ghost Tretta Normal class.png
8-42 Meowth Normal Tretta Normal class.png
8-44 Sableye Ghost Tretta Normal class.png
8-46 Eevee Normal Tretta Normal class.png