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Grand Festival

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The Grand Festival (Japanese: グランドフェスティバル Grand Festival) is the final challenge for all Pokémon Coordinators. In order to qualify, Coordinators must win five ribbons from Pokémon Contests throughout a specific region. The winner receives the Ribbon Cup, as well as the title of Top Coordinator.

The tournament follows a similar structure to Pokémon Contests with a few differences. A key difference is that there are more judges - in Hoenn there were two extra Nurse Joys while Vivian joined the three judges in Kanto and Fantina joined them in Sinnoh.

The Hoenn Grand Festival is held in Slateport City while the Kanto Grand Festival is held at the Indigo Plateau. The Sinnoh Grand Festival is held at Lake Valor, which was the same location where the Wallace Cup was held. There is also a Grand Festival for the Johto region presumably, though it is unknown where it might be held.




Preliminaries rounds

The first two rounds are Appeal stages. Coordinators must twice produce impressive appeals with their Pokémon in order to progress through the tournament and only the best 32 coordinators go through to the finals. Each round takes place on a separate day.

Finals rounds

On the third day of the tournament, the Coordinators face each other in knock-out double battles. Matches last for five minutes and the Coordinator with the least points loses if both opponents still have a Pokémon standing. The Coordinator who wins all four matches is the winner of the tournament.

Coordinators who have participated in a Grand Festival

The following coordinators have competed in the final rounds of the Grand Festival:

Top Coordinators

Top Coordinators are Grand Festival winning Coordinators, earning the Ribbon Cup. The following coordinators have won the Grand Festival in the region in parentheses:


  • The Grand Festival may apparently be entered with Ribbons won by anyone, regardless of if the entrant was the winner of the required five contests or not. This is seen by the fact that Jessie entered the Sinnoh Grand Festival with a ribbon that was won by Princess Salvia posing as Dawn.

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