Goodnight, My Pikachu

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おやすみ ぼくのピカチュウ
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Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu
Goodnight, My Pikachu
Japanese song
Artist 松本梨香
Rica Matsumoto
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Pikachu Records CD
Title めさせポケモンマスター
Aim to Be a Pokémon Master
Catalog no. TGDS-98

Goodnight, My Pikachu (Japanese: おやすみ ぼくのピカチュウ Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu) is a song sung by Rica Matsumoto. It was released on the album Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, and was heard during Pikachu's Goodbye.

A second version of the song, titled Goodnight, My Pikachu -2017 ver.- (Japanese: おやすみぼくのピカチュウ -2017 ver.- Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu -2017 ver.-) was released on the Aim to Be a Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary- CD.


Japanese English
モンスターボールが きみのベッドさ
まるくなって めをとじて
あさになれば きずもいえるよ
もしももしも きみが ぼくの ゆめのなかに

なんて ちょっと おもっただけ
おやすみ おやすみ おやすみ
きらり ほしが ひかるよ

ねむれないよるも あるよね
おいで ぼくの うでのなかに
ふたりだけの はなしをしよう
もしももしも ぼくらの であいが なかったなら

きみに きいてみたいけど…
ピカチュウ? もう ねむったのかい?
おやすみ おやすみ おやすみ
いま ほしが ながれたよ

おやすみ おやすみ おやすみ
そろそろ ぼくも ねむるよ
The Poké Ball is your bed
Curl up and close your eyes
In the morning your wounds will heal
If, if you come into my dreams

To play with me...
It's just something I thought about
Good night, good night, good night
A bright star is shining

I have sleepless nights too
Come here into my arms
We'll talk, just the two of us
If, if we don't have a meeting

I want to listen to you, but...
Pikachu? Asleep already?
Good night, good night, good night
The star has drifted away now

Good night, good night, good night
Soon, I'll sleep too
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