Ginkgo Guild

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Gingko Guild
ギンコカンパニー Ginkgo Company
Legends Arceus Ginter.png
Artwork of Ginter, the leader of the Ginkgo Guild from Legends: Arceus
Leader Ginter
Region Hisui
Admins Unknown
Base locations Jubilife Village

The Ginkgo Guild are a guild of merchants based in the Hisui region. They sell their wares whilst travelling the region.

In the core series

Besides Volo, the Ginkgo Guild have no major appearances within the story. Players can buy a rare item from Ginter once a day, or speak with Tuli and buy various items found across Hisui, outside the Galaxy Hall


Language Name Origin
Japanese ギンコカンパニー Ginkgo Company From Ginkgo biloba
English Gingko Guild Same as Japanese name; but uses guild instead of company
German Ginkgo-Gilde Transcription of English name
Spanish Compañía Ginkgo Transcription of Japanese name
French Compagnie Ginkgo Transcription of Japanese name
Italian Ditta Ginkgo Transcription of Japanese name
Korean 은행 회사 Bank Company Literal translation of Ginkgo Company
Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese (Cantonese)

Head: Ginter
Members: Volo