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ぶぶ Bubu
Poké Ball
White Gigi.png
Debuts in Lights, Camera...Action
Caught at Unova
Gender Female
Ability Blaze
Nature Unknown
Released in Gigi's Choice
Current location With the BW Agency
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Gigi (Japanese: ぶぶ Bubu; usually referred to as ぶぶちゃん Bubu-chan) is a Pokémon actress employed by White in the Pokémon Adventures manga and was White's starter Pokémon prior to joining N.


With White

White and Gigi

One year prior to the start of the Black & White chapter, it was revealed that Gigi was the Tepig that was supposed to be given to new Trainers by Cedric Juniper, but ended up being liberated by N, and ran away. Gigi was later found alone by White in the pouring rain, where White caught her.

Gigi first appeared in Lights, Camera...Action, as one of the Tepig White was supposed to bring to a Xtransceiver commercial shooting. Due to a mix-up, White accidentally only brought one Tepig instead of the two she was supposed to bring. After Black disrupts the shooting with his yelling, his male Tepig, Tep, notices Gigi in her Poké Ball and releases her. The two quickly befriend and start playing with one another. White, realizing that since his male Tepig is the Pokémon that she is looking for, hires Black after he accidentally puts the company in debt after rescuing them from an attacking Galvantula. Due to her being an actress, Gigi is never seen in battle and is usually seen being protected by Tep, similar to how White is protected by Black.

Gigi going to N

In Gigi's Choice, Gigi and White are confronted by N, who knocks and traps White into the Nimbasa Ferris wheel in order to talk to her. After confronting her about the problems with the musical, he has his Servine grab Gigi. Gigi manages to free herself by fighting back and N comes to the conclusion that White had been neglecting her true strengths in battle, a fact that Gigi agrees to. When White decides that it is time to escape, she attempts to jump off the Ferris wheel and asks Gigi to do the same. Surprisingly, Gigi goes to N's side, shocking White who falls out of the car and onto the ground below. Gigi and N watch from the car as White lies on the ground, crying because of Gigi's betrayal.

With N

In Museum Showdown, Gigi, along with N, arrives at Dragonspiral Tower. Gigi watches N as he muses over the location where Truth and Ideals meet.

In Will the Truth Come Out?, Gigi fights against Alder's Accelgor with the help of Zorua. Accelgor targets Gigi to prevent itself from being hit by fire moves, but actually hits Zorua disguised as Gigi. Gigi then attacks with Ember and defeats it.

In A Wretched Reunion, Gigi was used with Zorua to face Black's Bo, White's Amanda, and Cedric Juniper's Samurott. Together, the three Pokémon managed to defeat both Gigi and Zorua.

Sometime before Team Plasma attacked the Pokémon League, N released his entire team, including Gigi. N told Gigi that she was free to pursue whatever dream she desired. Gigi chose to stay in N's room, where she encountered White after she had been teleported there by Hood Man. Gigi reveals that she has chosen to return to acting in show business, which she shows by playing with N's toys. Although White considers Gigi N's Pokémon now, she offers to let her return to the BW Agency.

Personality and characteristics

Tep and Gigi

Gigi is an actress, and as such, does not battle. Instead, she, like White, relies on the help of others like Black and his Pokémon to help her when she is in trouble. However, unbeknownst to White, Gigi is actually a strong Pokémon that wants to battle but never gets the chance to because of her actress duties.

Gigi seems to get along with Black's Tep fairly easily as the two of them were almost never seen apart.

Moves used

Using Ember
Move First Used In
Ember Gigi's Choice
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Gigi, as an actress, has starred in several films and television series. A small list was shown in VS Timburr.

Films and Television titles

Holding the Moon Stone (Japanese: 月の石に抱かれて To hold a Moon Stone)

Sunny, Followed by Hailstorms (Japanese: 晴れのちアラレ Clear Skies, then Hail)

Surfing IV (Japanese: なみのりの果てにIV Surfing to the End IV)

Touring Unova with Tornadus (Japanese: 渡るイッシュウにトルネロス Across Isshu with Tornelos)

Calcium Man: The Movie (Japanese: 実写版「リゾチウマーα」 Live Action Version: "Lysozyme α" )


Language Name Origin
Japanese ぶぶ Bubu From ポカブ Pokabu, Tepig
Latin American Spanish
Gigi From Tepig
French Kikui From Gruikui, Tepig
German Oinki From Floink, Tepig
Brazilian Portuguese
Pipig From Tepig
Korean 꾸꾸 Kkukkuu From 뚜꾸리 Ttukkuri, Tepig
Chinese (Mandarin) 豬豬 Zhūzhū From 暖暖豬 Nuǎnnuǎnzhū, Tepig
Chinese (Cantonese) 豬豬 Zyūzyū From 暖暖豬 Nyúhnnyúhnzyū, Tepig

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