Fennel's Munna

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Fennel's Munna
ドリーム Dream
Premier Ball
Fennel Munna.png
Munna with Fennel
Debuts in Dreams by the Yard Full!
Caught at Unova
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Nature Docile
Current location With Fennel
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Munna Chinami Nishimura

Fennel's Munna (Japanese: マコモのムンナ Makomo's Munna) is a Pokémon studied by Fennel to help her understand the dreams of Pokémon.

In the games

Pokémon Black and White

A Munna used in Fennel's research at the Dreamyard is encountered early in the player's quest. After obtaining the Trio Badge, Fennel asks them to fetch some Dream Mist for her. However, Team Plasma, also wish to obtain Dream Mist, and are abusing the Munna in order to achieve that end. After they have been defeated and scared away by a wild Musharna, the player obtains the Dream Mist and Munna is saved.

Pokémon Dream World

Fennel is also shown to be the owner of another Munna seen in the Pokémon Dream World. This Munna, nicknamed ドリーム Dream in the Japanese version of the site, is seen when the player uses the demo version of the Dream World. Having no Pokémon of their own to send to the Dream World, they are instead accompanied by Dream. She has a Docile nature, was caught in a Premier Ball, and is at level 10.

In the anime

Fennel and Munna in the anime

In the anime, Fennel's Munna helps her with her research on the Dreamyard and Musharna. It first appeared in Dreams by the Yard Full! when Team Rocket had awakened Musharna, when Fennel noticed its eyes were suddenly glowing pink. It was then seen with Fennel helping Iris's Axew wake up by sucking off the Dream Mist caused by Musharna and revealing Axew's dreams. Later Fennel, Munna, Officer Jenny, Iris, and Iris's to-be travel companions rushed to the Dreamyard, where they found Team Rocket had caused all the problems. Munna helped call for Musharna which appeared.

Suddenly Team Rocket captured Musharna, however Munna used its Psychic to cripple the machine, giving Pikachu a chance to destroy it with Volt Tackle and free Musharna.

Munna reappeared with Fennel and Musharna in Archeops In The Modern World! where the three of them were studying an Archeops.

Moves used

Using Psychic
Move First Used In
Psychic Dreams by the Yard Full!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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