Dugtrio Trio

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The Dugtrio Trio

The Dugtrio Trio (Japanese: ドードリ堂 Dodrio Clan) are characters of the day who appeared in Air Time!. They are a group of ventriloquist performers, who perform with a Meowth puppet.

They were first inadvertently referenced when Team Rocket entered the Goldenrod Radio Tower disguised as them with Meowth as the puppet dummy, when they were told that they had an interview to attend with DJ Mary.

After Team Rocket were sent flying and landed in a tree, the real Dugtrio Trio appeared and asked them where the Radio Tower was.

Team Rocket wore their disguises again in You Said a Mouthful!.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Trio Triopikeur
  Italian Trio Dugtrio
  Polish Wesołe Trio

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