Dick and Philip

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Dick (left) and Philip (right)

Dick (Japanese: ディック Dick) and Philip (Japanese: フィリップ Philip) are two characters of the day who appeared in Sparks Fly for Magnemite. They are workers at Gringey City's hydroelectric power plant.

Dick and Philip bumped into Ash and his friends in the power plant, when they were running away from a group of Grimer and their leader. They headed into the control room to avoid the Grimer. After that, the Magnemite and Magneton in the power plant started repelling the Grimer and Muk. With all of the Grimer eventually defeated, Muk was weakened by Pikachu and the Magnemite Ash encountered earlier. Ash then caught the Muk. After the Grimer fled, the city's power returned.

With everything back to normal, Dick and Philip explained to Ash, Misty, and Brock that the horde of Grimer appeared because of the pollution and it was a sign for the residents to clean the air and water to restore the city to its former glory. Also, they revealed that the Magnemite had taken an interest in Pikachu because he was magnetized after absorbing too much electricity. Since Pikachu was well now, it lost its attraction to Pikachu. Ash and the others then said their farewells to the workers.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi (Dick)
岡野浩介 Kōsuke Okano (Philip)
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen (Dick)
Arto Nieminen (Philip)
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Ola Fjellvikås


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