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Dewford Town

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Glitch City 故障都市
Broken-Down City
""A tiny island in the blue sea.""
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Location of Glitch City in Hoenn.
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Dewford Town (Japanese: ムロタウン Muro Town) is located on an island south of mainland Hoenn. It is known as "A Tiny Island in the Blue Sea." To the north of Dewford Town, on Route 106, is Granite Cave, a popular spot for rock collectors. Dewford Town is home to Brawly, the Dewford Gym Leader who specializes in Template:Type2 Pokémon. The town has no Poké Mart.


Places of interest

Dewford Hall

Dewford Hall is located north of the Pokémon Center, and is the northernmost building in the town. A sign outside reads:

"Everyone's information exchange!"

Although it is a tiny island community, if someone says something "trendy" there, it quickly spreads throughout the rest of Hoenn. Dewford Town is famous for these fads. Trendy phrases are usually passed around in Dewford Hall, called "Everyone's information exchange!" There is a boy just outside Dewford Hall that lets the player change the "trendy" phase and people in Dewford Hall will be influenced by the trend. Changing this affects where Feebas appears in Route 119. If the player returns to Dewford Hall after collecting the Balance Badge, a dark haired man with glasses will appear near the entrance and proclaims that he loves Sludge Bomb and then he will give the player TM36 (Sludge Bomb).

Dewford Gym

Main article: Dewford Gym

Dewford Gym is located in the southernmost portion of Dewford, south of the pier and the Pokémon Center. The sign outside reads:

"A big wave in fighting!"

The gym is run by Brawly who specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. Many citizens look up to Brawly and idolize him. Trainers who defeat him receive the Knuckle Badge.


The population of Dewford Town is 20. Surprisingly, this number puts it ahead of five other cities in Hoenn in terms of population, but itself is the smallest town in Hoenn to have a Gym.



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Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Surfing and Fishing

072 Tentacool R S E Surfing 5-35 60%

278 Wingull R S E Surfing 11-30 35%

279 Pelipper R S E Surfing 26-30 5%

129 Magikarp R S E Old Rod 5-10 55%

072 Tentacool R S E Old Rod 5-10 45%

129 Magikarp R S E Good Rod 10-30 60%

072 Tentacool R S E Good Rod 10-30 20%

320 Wailmer R S E Good Rod 10-30 20%

320 Wailmer R S E Super Rod 20-35 100%

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

In the anime

Dewford Town appeared for a multiple episode arc between Sharpedo Attack! and Just One of the Geysers, in which it was referred to as "Dewford Island". Ash sought to obtain the Knuckle Badge from Brawly, but failed in his first attempt. He remained on the island for a lengthy time period, training, and finally defeated the Gym Leader with his newly caught Corphish.


In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ムロタウン Muro Town May come from 武 mu (martial arts) and 露 ro (dew).
English Dewford Town From dew.
French Village Myokara
German Faustauhaven From Tau, dew, and the suffix -haven (port).
Italian Bluruvia From blu, blue.
Spanish Pueblo Azuliza From azul, blue.
Korean 무로마을 Muro Maeul
Chinese (Mandarin) 武鬥鎮 Wǔdòu Zhèn Literally "Martial fight town", which references Brawly's specialization in Fighting-type Pokémon.

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