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The Devs' Mask

A Dev Showdown (Japanese: 運営員マッチングイベント Staff Matching Event) is a type of event in Pokémon Duel. During these competitions, members of the game's development staff are inserted into the League Match rankings and compete against players during certain times. Devs can be identified by an exclusive mask they wear. Rewards for the events are distributed to all players based on the collective number of wins achieved against the developers.


Participating Developers

Dev_Armr Dev_PS Dev_343 Dev_SN Dev_Hisa Dev_Miu Dev_crit Dev_Mr32
Duel VSDev Armr.png Duel VSDev PS.png Duel VSDev 343.png Duel VSDev SN.png Duel VsDev Miu.png Duel VSDev crit.png Duel VSDev Mr32.png
Rating: 2000 Rating: 2500 Rating: 3000 Rating: 3500


December 25 to 27, 2018

At the end of this Dev Showdown, the player base had a total of 105 wins.

10 wins 30 wins 50 wins 75 wins 100 wins
Alolan Sandshrew (496)Common
Alolan Sandshrew
Special hairstyle Duel Pikachu Party Mask.png
Alolan Sandslash (475)Rare
Alolan Sandslash
Gems ×500

In addition to these rewards, each win tier attained increased the rarity of a figure which was to be added to the game and distributed at a later date. As the players accomplished all the win goals, the figure was a [UX] Pikachu.

October 9 to 11, 2018

At the end of this Dev Showdown, the player base had a total of 89 wins.

10 wins 20 wins 30 wins 40 wins 50 wins
Shiny Magikarp (401)Common
Shiny Magikarp
Special hairstyle Duel Dev Showdown Mask 1.png
Three days of daily
no-cost Boosters
(until October 13, 2018)
Seven days of daily
no-cost Boosters
(until October 17, 2018)

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