Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed
明かされる ギンガ団の陰謀!!
Revealed, The Galaxy Gang's Conspiracy!!
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 8
Location Celestic Town
Manga series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
Previous Chapter Dialga's Secret Keys
Next Chapter Challenge! The Fortress Of Steel!!

Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed!! (Japanese: 明かされる ギンガ団の陰謀!! Revealed, The Galaxy Gang's Conspiracy!!) is the eighth chapter of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.


The chapter opens with Hareta, Mitsumi, and Team Galactic in the Celestic Ruins. Cyrus tells Hareta he is looking for Dialga also. Cyrus starts intimidating Mitsumi by reminding her of her past. Hareta asks Cyrus what he wants with Dialga. Cyrus says that he doesn't want money, and instead wants to possess the power to control time. Then he reveals that he knows where the three secret keys are, and he just needs to capture them to do his plan. Hareta runs after Cyrus, while Mitsumi holds off Saturn and Mars. Mitsumi sends out her Infernape and Leafeon, and Jupiter and Saturn send out Golbat and Toxicroak. Jupiter calls Mitsumi a traitor, which makes Cynthia's grandmother suspicious.

Meanwhile, Hareta stops Cyrus on the bridge. Cyrus tells Hareta that he is doing the things he does to create an ideal world. He offers Hareta to join him, but Piplup whacks his hand away. Cyrus sends out Weavile and they begin battling.

Weavile hits Piplup first with Night Slash. Piplup uses Brine, but Weavile's Ice Beam freezes it. Piplup is knocked down.

Next, Piplup uses what Cyrus thinks is Earthquake but is really Hareta and Piplup bouncing on the bridge. Weavile then uses Ice Beam on Hareta. Piplup runs away from a "Rapid-Fire Night Slash", and Weavile hits a reflection of Piplup on a leftover ice block. Piplup hits a shocked Weavile with Drill Peck, but is knocked into the water with Hyper Beam. Hareta jumps after it, and they get back up with Surf, which knocks out Weavile.

Cyrus, infuriated by Hareta calling the battle fun, then orders his Gyarados to use Giga Impact on Hareta and Piplup, breaking the bridge and sending Hareta and Piplup into the river.

Hareta and Piplup wash up on the shore, and a cloaked man drags them away.

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