If you were looking for the character from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet whose Japanese name is Colza, see Brassius.
ナバナ Nabana
Legends Arceus Colza.png
Screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown and black
Hometown Jubilife Village (original hometown unknown)
Region Hisui (original region unknown)
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Captain, Agriculture Corps

Colza (Japanese: ナバナ Nabana) is a member of the Galaxy Team's Agriculture Corps who runs the farm in Jubilife Village.

He bears a striking resemblance to Gardenia, but the relationship between the two, if any, is unknown.

In the core series games

Colza manages the harvests that the player requests, keeping them up to date with the status of the crop. He receives the payments, and provides the items when the harvest is complete. The harvests he offers starts off small, but expands at the story progresses.


Harvest Cost Pokémon Caught Items Bumper crop
Apricorn harvest  500 8    
Medicinal harvest  1,000 8        
Vegetable harvest  1,500 12      
Mushroom harvest  2,000 12       
Berry harvest — The usual one  3,000 16          
Mint harvest  10,000 20         


Berry harvest — The special one  20,000 16       


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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village - Farm
  • If talked to before starting the trial during Mission 2
"I came here from across the sea in search of fields to call my very own. For this venture of mine to succeed, I need to make sure we can work these fields safely."
  • If talked to after starting Mission 4
"It's tough picking Berries out in the wilds, so I'm hoping we can grow them here instead."
  • If talked to after completing Mission 8
"Apparently even Pokémon have some flavors they prefer over others. Though I suppose that's probably true for all living things."
  • If talked to after completing the main story
"It's impossible to go against nature when you're farming. You simply have to deal with whatever nature throws at you."
  • Planting crops
"Here to grow some crops, are you? No way to tell how the yield'll be, but we'll give it our all. What kind of harvest you interested in?"
"Want us to plant some more crops for you? What kind of harvest shall we go for this time?"
Perhaps another time: "Right then. Well, come give us a shout if you change your mind later."
Apricorn harvest: "The Apricorn harvest? It'll be  500 for that one. How about it?"
Medicinal harvest: "The medicinal harvest? It'll be  1,000 for that one. How about it?"
Vegetable harvest: "The vegetable harvest? It'll be  1,500 for that one. How about it?"
Mushroom harvest: "The mushroom harvest? It'll be  2,000 for that one. How about it?"
Berry harvest: "The Berry harvest? It'll be  3,000 for that one. How about it?" / "Which are you after—the usual Berry harvest, or the special one?"
The usual one: "The usual Berry harvest? It'll be  3,000 for that one. How about it?"
The special one: "The special Berry harvest? It'll be  20,000 for that one. How about it?"
Mint harvest: "The mint harvest? It'll be  10,000 for that one. How about it?"
Sounds great!: "Perfect. We'll get right on it! Your crops are in good hands."
Never mind: "How about a different harvest, then?"
  • If the player does not have enough money
"Uh oh. Actually, seems you're a bit short on coin there, lads/lass."
  • If talked to right after choosing a harvest
"The crops still need some time to grow. Keep at that survey work of yours in the meantime!"
  • ???
"Just a bit more to go till harvest time! I can't wait to see how the crop turns out!"
  • If talked to again when the crops are ready to harvest
"Oh hey, great timing! We're done gathering the harvest!"
"Seems our efforts were well rewarded, lad/lass! It's a bumper crop! Here, take these." / "'Fraid we didn't grow as much as we'd hoped... But we'll work hard for a bumper crop next time!" / "The crops turned out real nice, just as planned. Here, these are yours for the keeping!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナバナ Nabana From 菜花 nabana (rape blossoms), matching to Gardenia being named after rapeseed in Japanese
English Colza From colza (another name for rapeseed)
German Naban Partial transcription of his Japanese name
Spanish Napa From Brassica napus (scientific name of rapeseed)
French Noham From 菜の花 nanohana (Japanese for rape blossoms)
Italian Napo From Brassica napus (scientific name of rapeseed)
Korean 평지 Pyeongji From 평지 pyeongji (rapeseed)
Chinese (Mandarin) 菜華 / 菜华 Càihuá From the Japanese name 菜華 Nabana and similar to 菜種 / 菜种 Càizhǒng / Choijúng (Gardenia)
Chinese (Cantonese) 菜華 Choiwàh

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