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Clemont (anime)

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シトロン Citron
Artwork from XY series
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Bonnie (sister), Meyer (father)
Game counterpart Clemont
Leader of Lumiose Gym
Badge Voltage Badge
Specializes in Electric-types
Anime debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
English voice actor Michael Liscio Jr.
Japanese voice actor Yūki Kaji

Clemont (Japanese: シトロン Citron) is a traveling companion of Ash who made his debut in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! along with his younger sister, Bonnie.



Clemont in his youth

Clemont was said to be a genius when it came to Electric-type Pokémon. It was revealed in A Campus Reunion! that prior to the XY series, Clemont used to study at an academy specializing in Electric-type Pokémon in his youth, having been sent there by his father Meyer. His old teacher Éclairisse described him as a brilliant student, also indicated by how he was still a child when he graduated, when most other graduates were young adults or adults. Despite this, Clemont had trouble with the research for his graduation assignment. During a recreational stroll, he found an exhausted Shinx. Without hesitation, he immediately brought him to a Pokémon Center where he was quickly healed. Nurse Joy told him Electric-type Pokémon were often brought in, having lost a lot of energy. She figured they wouldn't suffer from electricity loss if there was a place where they could freely absorb energy. This gave Clemont the idea to build an invention he called the "Clemontic Shower". The idea was a success, being highly acclaimed by teachers, and caused Clemont to graduate.

Returning home, Clemont eventually became the Gym Leader of Lumiose Gym in order to understand Electric-type Pokémon even better. However, he found that being a Gym Leader ate into his spare time and gave him little time to spend with his beloved inventions, so he created Clembot, a "Gym Leader robot", to stand in for him when he was busy. He programmed it to be tough on challengers and to reject challengers with less than four badges. This proved to be a mistake, as Clembot turned out to be violent and would shock Trainers whose challenge it rejected (or, as it later turned out, who lost to it) and eject them from the Gym. Clemont himself was deemed to be a rejected challenger as he had no badges. Clemont attempted to set Clembot to "Master Recognition mode" so he could reprogram it, but it hadn't registered the pass-code he expected it to, so he was ousted from the Gym and cut off from his Pokémon. He eventually gave up trying to reenter, as Clembot refused to allow him past the entrance.

As seen in A Trip Down Memory Train!, Clemont spent most of his time afterwards wandering around the Prism Tower brainstorming ways to take back his Gym. There a wild Bunnelby stole an apple Bonnie had offered to share with Clemont causing the siblings to chase it, and ultimately fall, into a series of abandoned subway tunnels underneath the city. After discovering that the Bunnelby's intentions were good and the apple was to help feed its friends, Clemont saved Bunnelby when its group was attacked by a wild Diggersby - who was trying to take the abandoned subway car as its own. Using his Aipom Arm, Clemont managed to remove Bunnelby from the Digging Pokémon's reach and escape with it, Bonnie and the rest of Bunnelby's friends.

After treating and helping Bunnelby overcome Diggersby, he used his Clemontic Gear's Running Generator to power a Subway Car out of the Collapsing Tunnels, allowing him, Bonnie, Bunnelby, its friends and the now good Diggersby to be free. Bunnelby, with the blessing of its friends, later joined Clemont's team as they left to return to Lumiose, causing Clemont to cry tears of joy.

In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, Clemont was first seen some time after capturing Bunnelby in Lumiose City. He, along with his sister, were standing outside the Prism Tower when they watched Ash go inside. After Clembot ejected Ash from the building for not having any Badges, Clemont saved Ash with his Clemontic Gear while Bonnie saved Ash's Pikachu. After introducing himself, Ash challenged Clemont to a battle, which he accepted. Clemont battled Ash and his Pikachu with Bunnelby. Despite admitting that he only just caught Bunnelby, Clemont proved to be an effective battler and managed to counter many of Ash's attacks.

The battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, who were aiming at stealing Pikachu and Bunnelby. Together with Ash and a Froakie that saved Pikachu from an attack, the trio were sent blasting off. However, Froakie had gotten injured in the battle and collapsed, so Clemont suggested they hurry to Professor Sycamore's lab. Clemont lagged behind as he was forced to carry everyone's bags.

In Lumiose City Pursuit!, Clemont helped Ash stop a rampaging Garchomp by using his Clemontic Gear's Aipom Arm to break into Prism Tower. He was unable to go any further when a part of the tower collapsed in front of him and Bonnie, but Ash managed to go on and save the day.

In A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, Clemont and Bonnie officially decided to accompany Ash on his journey through Kalos. Throughout the episode, Clemont expressed his admiration of Ash and respect for him as a Trainer. Later in the episode, Clemont demonstrated another one of his inventions, a phonograph that made a sound at high frequencies to attract bird Pokémon. Unfortunately, the machine only attracted Beedrill before completely exploding. Though it caused the group trouble, Ash said that the machine was an incredible invention which made Clemont delighted and proud.

In A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!, he and the others encountered the Dedenne they had met before. Clemont used Bunnelby to track Dedenne after it ran off so that he could keep it for Bonnie, but Dedenne had gotten lost with Pikachu. After Dedenne and Pikachu had escaped from Team Rocket and met up with the others, Dedenne fell over from exhaustion. Using one of his Clemontic Gears, Clemont recharged Dedenne despite the machine blowing up in everyone's faces immediately after. When Team Rocket attacked the group, Clemont used Dedenne to send them blasting off with Pikachu's assistance. He then caught Dedenne and gave it to Bonnie so that she could keep it in her satchel.

In A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!, the group arrived in Santalune City, where they met the Santalune Gym leader, Viola. Clemont and Bonnie also met her sister, Alexa, who Ash already knew well from his travels in the Decolore Islands. During their tour of the Gym, Bonnie asked Viola if she would marry Clemont, embarrassing him and leading him to drag her away with his Aipom Arm. He, Bonnie and Alexa watched the battle with Viola, cheering for Ash. Just after Ash sent Fletchling out, Serena, a girl who knew Ash from her childhood, entered the Gym and joined the audience. After Ash lost the Gym Battle, they were introduced to her properly. The three later watched Ash train with Alexa.

Later on, Clemont helped Ash train with another Clemontic Gear, a cannon that fired artificial Sticky Webs, as Ash had lost the battle against Viola as a direct result of Fletchling getting stuck to a Sticky Web. Unfortunately, when he put it onto its maximum setting, it malfunctioned, got blocked by its own ammo and exploded, though this mishap did inspire Ash to use Electro Ball to prevent Pikachu from falling asleep from Vivillon's Sleep Powder. After the training was finished, he realized that Bonnie was about to fall asleep and decided to put her to bed. The next day, he, Bonnie, Serena and Alexa cheered for Ash during his rematch and victory against Viola.

Clemont telling his father about his decision to travel with Ash

In Clemont's Got a Secret!, Clemont's father, not realizing that Ash and Serena were unaware of Clemont's status as a Gym Leader, revealed this fact to Ash and Serena. Seeing that there was no point in hiding it any longer, Clemont told Ash and Serena about how he was ousted from his position by Clembot. After seeing the damage the "strange robot" was causing to the Gym and how it was driving away potential challengers, Clemont decided to challenge the robot to a battle for ownership of the gym, although he had no idea what the pass-code was. He was forced to contend with his Magnemite and Magneton, which had been ordered to patrol the Gym by Clembot, but he eventually got to the battlefield, confronted Clembot, and started its Master Recognition mode. Although Clemont finally realized what the pass-code was, he was forced to battle Heliolisk, his own Pokémon that was under Clembot's control. Clemont battled with Bunnelby and was ultimately successful in defeating Clembot, thus gaining back the title of Gym Leader. Clemont then decided to completely reprogram Clembot and left ownership of the gym to it so he could continue traveling with Ash. That night, Ash and Clemont agreed to have a Gym Battle after the former got four badges.

In Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!, Clemont befriended a Chespin from Professor Sycamore's laboratory, later rescuing it during an attack by Team Rocket in their newest mecha. Together, they deduced a way to deactivate the mecha, but when that proved unsuccessful, Clemont commanded Chespin in battle against the mecha alongside Pikachu, but their efforts were met in vain. The mecha was then defeated by a Blaziken belonging to Blaziken Mask. The following evening, Clemont decided to capture Chespin when it expressed a desire to travel along with him and the rest of the group.

In Awakening the Sleeping Giant!, the group travelled to Parfum Palace to retrieve a Poké Flute that Princess Allie had stolen from Lord Shabboneau. Clemont refereed a battle between Ash and Princess Allie for ownership of the flute, but when Allie refused to hand it over after she forfeited, he confronted the princess directly, scolding her behavior which he considered "unscientifically selfish". Unfortunately for him, Allie was touched by his scolding, and eventually agreed to hand over the Poké Flute in exchange for Clemont himself: Clemont's horror only intensifying when Bonnie (on Serena's suggestion) agreed to it. Although the rest of the group promised they would return for him, Clemont eventually made his own escape by planting a robot decoy, and eventually reunited with his friends and sister.

In Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!, Team Rocket, after separating Clemont from the rest of the group, disguised themselves as scientists and requested his help with a machine they were having trouble with. Not realizing who the scientists actually were, Clemont built for them a Heliolisk-shaped machine that repelled Electric attacks as well as a device that transported capsules containing Pokémon. The next day, when Team Rocket lured the group into their trap, they used the Electric-type resistant machine to steal Pikachu and then the Pokémon transporter sent it away. Clemont, furious at Team Rocket for tricking him, used Serena's guidebook and Bunnelby's Dig to locate Team Rocket and Pikachu, whereupon he used a new and improved version of an earlier machine to repel Pumpkaboo's and Inkay's attacks. With Bunnelby's help, he easily defeated the trio and Pikachu sent them blasting off.

In A Campus Reunion!, the group arrived at the academy, where Clemont used to study in his youth and met Clemont's old teacher Éclairisse. Clemont told he invented an electric shower for Electric types called the "Clemontic Shower". Clemont revealed he came up with the idea after helping an exhausted Shinx, which became his best friend during his time at the academy. While they were shown around the academy, the alarm system activated meaning something was going on with the electrical systems under the academy. As the group helped investigating the place they encountered Team Rocket, who immediately fled. While chasing Team Rocket a wild Luxio appeared, which started to attack Ash and the rest. After convincing the Luxio they were not its enemies, the Luxio passed them and chased Team Rocket before sharing a glance with Clemont, causing both of them to realize they were each other's old friends. That evening Clemont told Ash, Serena and Bonnie how he had left Shinx on his graduation day, causing Luxio to be angry at him. At that moment the building lost power, with Éclairisse mentioning someone was draining electricity from the town's power source. Arriving at the power source the group found Luxio battling Team Rocket and while continuously getting attacked he didn't give in. As he was about to get hit by Pumpkaboo's Shadow Ball, Clemont protected Luxio by taking the attack, causing Luxio remember Clemont as his friend. Fighting together they managed to blast Team Rocket off. After the battle as Luxio was about to leave Clemont told him he was sorry about leaving him and that he wanted to travel with Luxio, telling him he would be waiting for him at the place they originally promised to meet. The next day Clemont was waiting, but Luxio still hadn't appeared. As Clemont was about to leave telling himself Luxio still hadn't forgiven him, Luxio appeared from a bush. Crying tears of joy Clemont threw a Poké Ball and caught Luxio, finally being able to be with his friend.

In The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!, the group arrived at the Kalos Power Plant, where Pikachu, Luxio, and Dedenne began acting strange, attacking in the group in a seemingly hypnotized state. After finding out that Team Rocket was responsible for the mind-control, Clemont and the group attempted to stop them. During this, Clemont watched as Ash attempted to communicate with Pikachu as he was being shocked by Thunderbolt. However, Luxio slammed Ash away before he could get through to Pikachu, prompting Clemont to step in and take a Thunder Fang. Clemont managed to temporarily disable Team Rocket's brainwashing device, which freed Luxio and the other Electric-types from Team Rocket. Immediately after, Luxio evolved into Luxray and learned Electric Terrain, destroying Team Rocket's machine and sending them blasting off. Later that day, Clemont decided to join some Kalos Power Plant Workers on a helicopter ride to Lumiose City, saying that he needed to go there to train, in order to give Ash the best Gym Battle that he possibly could. Agreeing with Clemont's decision, Ash, Serena, and Bonnie waved goodbye to him and Luxray, with Ash and Clemont promising each other to train hard for their match.

In The Moment of Lumiose Truth!, Clemont and Ash had their long-awaited Gym Battle, using his Bunnelby, Heliolisk and Luxray against Ash's Pikachu, Goodra and Hawlucha. The battle started with a move by move recreation of their first battle before Team Rocket's interruption until Clemont broke the pattern with a new move from Bunnelby through his solo training. However, despite this, Pikachu was able to beat Bunnelby after a hard fought battle. Clemont used his Heliolisk next, and due to carefully analyzing Ash's battle style, Clemont was able to use Ash's unpredictability in his own strategy giving him a great advantage by paralyzing Ash's Goodra and forcing Ash to switch to his Hawlucha. Heliolisk was defeated when Ash, using Clemont's skill of analyzing a battle discovered its weak spot and delivered a critical hit that knocked the Generator Pokémon out. Clemont's last Pokémon was Luxray, which immediately used Electric Terrain, landing next a boosted Wild Charge on Hawlucha, knocking out the Wrestling Pokémon with a single hit. Luxray faced off against Pikachu next, beating it with another super charged Wild Charge. After Ash sends out Goodra again, he tells it use Rain Dance and not only it disabled Electric Terrain, but it activated Goodra's Ability, Hydration, and was cured of the paralysis. When the battle continued, Luxray use attacks on Goodra, but the Dragon Pokémon used Bide to endure. After releasing the energy from Bide, Goodra was able to knock out the Gleam Eyes Pokémon, winning Ash the battle and the Voltage Badge. After thanking Ash for a great battle, Clemont rejoined him on his journey once more.


Being a Gym Leader, Clemont has a great deal of Pokémon knowledge and often shares this information with his friends when necessary.

Clemont is an intelligent inventor who takes pride in his gadgets and science in general, and although his devices usually do what he wants them to do, they only function for a few minutes or even a few seconds before exploding. Whenever he introduces one of his inventions, his glasses shine and he usually says, "The future is now, thanks to science!", demonstrating his anticipation of situations that require the help of his machines. He claims to have an invention for just about every situation the group find themselves in, regardless of the nature of said situation, even normally inconceivable ones like alternate dimension travelling.

Even if he takes pride in his accomplishments, Clemont has a tendency to be very modest around people outside of his close acquaintances and friends. For example, when Team Rocket (in disguise) was complimenting him on his inventions in Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!, he was visibly embarrassed but gratified all the same. In addition to this, Clemont is apparently afraid of being seen on-camera. When Bonnie wanted him to make his own PokéVision video, he was shaking the entire time on screen and kept blushing and stammering. Later on, when he and the others posed for a group photo with Korrina, he was standing rigidly and had a forced smile on his face while the others were all very relaxed. Clemont has also shown particular nervousness about trying new things in general. In A Race for Home!, he was extremely anxious about riding a Skiddo, so the Pokémon sensed that fear and kept bucking him off of it.

Clemont is not very athletic, as he easily gets tired while running, or fails to do tasks that require physical activity like gliding with a wingsuit. Despite this, if the situation calls for it, he can have a reckless side, as shown in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! when he grabbed a rock, jumped in the air, and aggressively smashed the remote that Team Rocket were using to trap all the Rhyhorn and Pikachu in a cage.

Clemont has some confidence and self-esteem issues, and a tendency to jump into negative conclusions related to him. An example of this can be seen in An Appetite for Battle!, when, after losing practice battles against Froakie and Dedenne due to its overweight state, his Chespin followed the smell of macarons from an old lady's house. When Clemont saw his Chespin looking happy there, it did not occur to him that the Pokémon was only there for the food, and he assumed that Chespin had stopped caring about him. Later on, their misunderstanding was resolved and Clemont realized that Chespin would always be his number one partner. Because of his nervousness and lack of confidence, Clemont greatly admires and respects Ash, and is traveling with him so that he himself can gain more courage to try new things. He often tries to model his efforts after Ash, as seen in The Future is Now, Thanks to Determination!, when he echoed Ash's promise to save Pikachu and managed to reach Luxio even though it was being hypnotized. In addition to Clemont looking up to Ash, Ash is very encouraging of Clemont as well, and habitually reacts much more kindly than Serena and Bonnie when his inventions fail to work properly. However, all three of them help boost Clemont's confidence. When he was feeling down about having been conned by Team Rocket in Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!, the others quickly assured him that it wasn't his fault and that he had saved the day.

While he does not try to emulate Serena the way he does for Ash, Clemont is shown to have a good deal of respect for her as well. He mentioned to Grace that he was very grateful for the help Serena regularly gives him when preparing meals for the group - Clemont serves as the group's cook, and Serena provides dessert for his meals. In A Showcase Debut!, Clemont was worried about Serena after the Pokémon Showcase and wondering if she would be all right, showing his concern for her feelings.

Clemont loves his younger sister Bonnie, making sure to always take good care of her. He acts almost as a parent to Bonnie while they are on their journey, such as putting her to bed, making sure she eats a healthy diet, and even catching a Pokémon for her to take care of. He is very prone to worry about her, especially because she has a tendency to become separated from the group due to her innately curious and adventurous nature. Clemont's love and worry for his sister is such that if she is in some sort of danger, he fails to consider things like his own lack of physical ability before wanting to help her. Clemont is quick to scold Bonnie if she does something she shouldn't, something that Bonnie has varied responses to. Sometimes, she responds with humility and apologizes, but at other times, she is resentful towards her brother and becomes angry. Bonnie often tries to find a wife for Clemont, looking for beautiful young girls and telling them that they are "keepers" and asking them to take care of Clemont for her. Every time except one so far, a highly embarrassed Clemont has dragged Bonnie away with his Aipom arm and scolded her for it.


On hand

Clemont Bunnelby.png
Clemont Chespin.png
Clemont Luxray.png
Luxio → Luxray

With Bonnie

Clemont Dedenne.png

At Lumiose Gym

Clemont's Magnemite
Magnemite was left in the Clembot's possession when Clemont was exiled from the Gym and was ordered to patrol to the Gym and keep out intruders. After Clemont greeted it upon his return, it was initially happy but then remembered its orders and attacked him with Thunder Shock. It continued attacking until Froakie's Frubbles put a stop to it. After Clemont had his battle with Clembot to determine ownership of the Gym, Magnemite cheered along with the group and his Pokémon when Clemont was able to reprogram Clembot.

Magnemite's only known move is Thunder Shock.

Debut Clemont's Got a Secret!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers
Clemont Magneton.png
Clemont Heliolisk.png
Helioptile → Heliolisk


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Baa de Mer Ranch's Skiddo
Clemont was riding a Skiddo, when he took part in Grace's racing training.

None of Skiddo's moves are known.

Debut A Race for Home!
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers
Wild Malamar
Malamar (×3)
When Ash and the others were kidnapped by the three evil Malamar who plot to destroy the world, Clemont, along with James, temporarily used a group of Malamar who are good and gentle in a desperate attempt to rescue everyone from danger.

Their known moves are Psycho Cut, Psychic, and Hidden Power.

Debut Facing the Grand Design!
Voice actors
English Marc Thompson
Wild Inkay
Inkay (multiple)
When Ash and the others were kidnapped by the three evil Malamar who plot to destroy the world, Clemont, along with James, temporarily used a group of Inkay in a desperate attempt to rescue everyone from danger.

Their only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Facing the Grand Design!
Voice actors
English Michael Liscio Jr.
Serena's Braixen
Main article: Serena's Braixen

After a group of Pangoro caused Ash, his friends, their Pokémon, and Team Rocket to scatter, Clemont, Braixen, Bunnelby, and Pikachu found themselves separated from everyone else. Clemont and company were eventually found by the rest of the gang except for Bonnie and Dedenne, and Braixen returned to her Trainer.

Debut So You're Having a Bad Day!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Eileen Stevens
Ash's Pikachu
Main article: Ash's Pikachu

After a group of Pangoro caused Ash, his friends, their Pokémon, and Team Rocket to scatter, Clemont, Pikachu, Bunnelby, and Braixen found themselves separated from everyone else. Clemont and company were eventually found by the rest of the gang except for Bonnie and Dedenne, and Pikachu returned to his Trainer.

Debut So You're Having a Bad Day!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani
A rented Mamoswine
Clemont temporarily rode on a Mamoswine, along with Bonnie, to cross the snowy mountains and through the Frost Cavern.

None of Mamoswine's moves are known.

Debut Over the Mountain of Snow!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
English Marc Thompson

Pokémon competitions


Clemont XY 2.png Clemont XY 3.png Clemont XY 4.png Clemont XY 5.png
Alternative artwork from the
XY Series

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 梶裕貴Yūki Kaji
English Michael Liscio Jr.
Danish Alex Høgh Andersen
Dutch Christian Nieuwenhuizen
Finnish Henri Piispanen
European French Thibault Delmotte
Greek Νίκος Παπαδόπουλος Nikos Papadopoulos
Hindi विराल शाह Viral Shah (Hungama dub)
Italian Simone Lupinacci
Korean 심규혁Shim Gyuhyeok
Polish Maciej Falana
Portuguese Brazil Bruno Mello
Portugal André Lourenco
Russian Иван Калинин Ivan Kalinin
Spanish Latin America José Ángel Torres
Humberto Vélez Jr. (young, XY048)
Spain Miguel Antelo
Swedish Adam Portnoff
Thai ภัคภูมิ ลิ้มมานะสถาพร Pakkapoom Limmanasathaporn


  • Clemont is the first male Gym Leader who joins Ash's traveling group who is not encountered as the first Gym Leader in the games in which he appears.
    • He is also the first of Ash's Gym Leader companions to not have his signature Pokémon at the beginning of their journey, his Heliolisk being left back at the Gym under the Clembot's ownership.
  • Clemont is the first main character besides Ash who has an Electric-type Pokémon capable of evolving.
    • Clemont is also the first main character to have an Electric-type evolve under their ownership.
  • It was indicated in Dreaming a Performer's Dream! that Clemont may be near-sighted.
  • Clemont is the first main character who has left the group in the middle of the journey for a period of time.
  • Out of all of Ash's main traveling companions, Clemont had the most Pokémon prior to his journey, with four, although three of them were left behind at the Lumiose Gym.
  • Evident by Clemont freaking out when the group reached the top of a steep hill while riding a Mamoswine in Over the Mountain of Snow Clemont has acrophobia.


Language Name Origin
Japanese シトロン Citron From citron, French for lemon.
English Clemont From lemon and lemon battery.
French, Italian,
Lem From lemon.
German Citro Similar to his Japanese name.
Brazilian Portuguese Clément From his English name.
Korean 시트론 Citron From his Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 希特隆 Xītèlóng Transliteration of his Japanese name. 隆 lóng may refer to 隆隆 lónglóng (onomatopoeia for thunder rumbling).
Chinese (Cantonese) 希特隆 Hēidahklùhng Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name. 隆 lùhng may refer to 隆隆 lùhnglùhng (onomatopoeia for thunder rumbling).
Thai ซิตรอน Citron Same as his Japanese name.
Indonesian Shitoron Transliteration of Japanese name.

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