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If you were looking for the the area in in Pokémon Snap, see Pokémon Island Cave.

The entrance to a cave in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

A cave is an underground area. They tend to have Pokémon of the Rock- and Template:Type2s, such as Geodude, although Pokémon based on cave-dwelling animals such as Zubat may also be found. In total there are 165 caves known to be in the Pokémon world


General description

Caves can be found in every region of the Pokémon world. They serve as roadblocks: travelers cannot reach their destination without passing through. Often, these caves are dark and it is impossible to see even a few feet ahead; this problem can be remedied through use of the move Flash. They are almost always winding and maze-like, making it easy to get lost. Villainous teams such as Team Magma and Team Aqua make their hideouts in isolated caves.

In the games, the encounter rate is typically quite high. While this can be a source of fury for players, it makes caves a good place to level up their Pokémon. Often, rare Pokémon can be found in caves. Items, too, can be found within the depths of caves, presumably dropped in the darkness by other travelers.

List of caves in the Pokémon world


Sevii Islands







Mystery Dungeon World


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